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Zuckerbergs' Facebook Unfolding Second Act, Doc Olivia P. Friedman Weighs In

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Restorative Justice Activist and Business Coach, Has a Few Thoughts To Ponder With You On Facebook's Likely Next Moves.

ATLANTA - eTradeWire -- "The Collective" since 2002, Restorative Justice Advocates assist the indigent, UN NGO's and others, with various technical and legal services. Their leader is director of The Institute of Higher Global Studies, an Honorably Discharged U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman (Doc). "Doc's" weighing in on Zuckerberg's Social Media Act II - As We Know It, resounds throughout Silicon Valley, Silicon Oasis, and the Nation.

Mentioning the nation's loss, with U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings' passing - Icon and voice of social advancement, quoting Frederick Douglas, and mentioning MLK in his speech today 10/17; his affirming belief in freedom of speech, expression and voicing reinventing Facebook to give people a voice as the original company vision - was smart move.

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He knew he was onto something big with Facebook and didn't think small. He likes having his own gig - I can respect that! He understood innovation, and competition of great intensity - in making things happen! "Quick, efficient, flow of concepts, and great ideas, that can be implemented now - that's how he grew Facebook, among other factors that helped nurture his beautiful mind". Doc, finishing law school in days, and holding a BSc InfoSec Systems Security Management says; "Evidence shows Facebook is just getting started - is still a baby, or more so a sleeping giant!"

The First Amendment (except for companies), as a standard in its strictness should be used, to allow people to take a stand for said freedoms, yet not do harm. Zuckerberg's goal is seemingly, to persuade to agree that we pretty much agree on what's tolerable or not. Yet the real question according to "Doc" is this; "Where do we draw the line when it comes to freedom of speech, expression, the press, and just privacy and rights thereof online overall?"

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Misinformation or data to deter or interfere with democracy, isn't something that will likely ever be condoned by most citizens. Yet admissible political discourse should meet certain criteria. According to Zuckerberg, the goal is to focus on account verification and authenticity - identity of accounts.

Considering Yelp with legislation that protects online bloggers and posters, whether truthful or not (opinion is allowed); we must still be careful not to restrict to the point we're no longer allowed to tell our story, in ways that best connects with our audiences. Doc goes on to say "political posts are different, yet people should be allowed to formulate their own conclusions, and to make their own decisions, thereafter reading or seeing them". Many disagree due to the canny yet overall misleading political tone of most campaign ads.

"We aren't a $15B entity, at least not yet. But we stand for freedom of speech and expression, otherwise we threaten democracy as we know it." says Doc Friedman. "What we really want is better privacy, safety, and security overall at Facebook - we believe Zuckerberg will deliver."

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