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Your Loyal Tax Advisor – An Interview with Ms. Mika

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PHOENIX - eTradeWire -- Tax season always creeps upon us; suddenly it is January and you are expected to know everything about getting the most from your return. This summer, I was able to sit down with Arizona's Ms. Mika, the CEO of DSM Tax Solutions. "We are a reasonably priced tax agency seeking to empower the community," says Damika Martin, who goes by Ms. Mika.

Born and raised in Arizona, Ms. Mika just relocated to Pinal County, Arizona; she is a mother of 4 (ages 13-21). Ms. Mika wants to build her brand around the people she knows, her kids, and the Arizona community. "My goal is to push for my kids. They have their own businesses already, but I want to go viral and help them out first!" says Ms. Mika.

DSM Tax Solutions is a tax advising agency for individuals and families who need assistance filing their taxes and saving money! They are on their way to helping others with financial advice and credit repair to prepare others in the community to purchase homes. On top of her growing business, Ms. Mika is earning a Bachelor's Degree in Family Human Development, to help improve families on a global level.

Knowing more about Ms. Mika's inspiring accomplishments, we wanted to know a little bit more about who can benefit from her company. "My target clients are people who pay taxes yearly without knowing what deductions they can claim," says Ms. Mika. "Many are unaware of the write-offs that can be a huge benefit when filing. Most people just use well-known tax companies or tax-filing websites that may not be as helpful as you think. A big goal of mine is to train others to file their own taxes in the future," says Ms. Mika.

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Ms. Mika gives us her take on how she overcomes the struggles it takes to be self-employed. "There will be moments when I want to go back to work for someone else due to the frustrations, but my mind is set to motivate others and keep pushing! Running your own business come with struggles, but it can be very rewarding. "What I love about being CEO is setting my own prices to get rid of stress for my clients!" says Ms. Mika. She also advises to set goals for your business and keep track of your finances for tax season.

Outside of DSM Tax Solution, she also has her own infused water brand! Ms. Mika is very into health/fitness and is motivated to help others achieve their weight-loss goals. For more information on Ms. Mika, DSM Tax Solutions, and where to find the best advice, follow https://www.instagram.com/dsm_tax_solutions_/ or @ms_mika777 on Instagram.

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