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LONDON - eTradeWire -- Sex is an integral part of marriage and finding ways to keep it fresh and exciting is leading to a surprising new trend involving, A husband..A wife..And an escort!?
Indeed, The sex workers trade seems to be becoming less of an excuse for an affair and more..A Family Affair.

Over the past few years the trend in open relationships and polyamory has seen a rise in how many people are willing to share their partners, but what about when a couple wants to indulge in a Ménage atrois in a one off or a regular treat like a date night once a month?

Sure they could find an open-minded friend or pick up a stranger at a bar who has agreed to a thrilling tryst but what happens if one partner is preferred over the other and jealousy ensues or if that stranger you picked up turns out to develop a crush on one of you and it leads to awkwardness or even worse the beginning of an affair? What if your bar beau has an STD?

Many couples are avoiding risks such as these by hiring the services of an escort for the evening, perhaps from one of the many websites specialising in escorts specifically for couples. An escort after all has no interest in getting in the way of your relationship, It is literally their job to make sure both people are..uh hum..Satisfied. With a third from a reputable site you know what you are getting, Skills for a start!

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Many escorts come with their own reviews so you can see exactly what other people are saying about their talents. Regular health screening is important for professionals so you know that will not be an issue and often an escort third will be the confidence in the room that is needed to make sure everybody gets exactly what they are after making sure that nobody leaves unfulfilled and resentful.

Chief Executive of SexScort.com , Frank Dethridge, Said " We definitely have couples booking escorts to join them in the bedroom. More and more people are wanting to act out their fantasies but are not wanting friends or people they know to be a part of it where there could later become awkwardness or jealousy"

So if your interest has been piqued then here is some tips for any couple when thinking of hiring a professional to spice up that love life:

1) Make sure it's for the right reasons – If one partner is not sure or is simply going along with it for the other then problems can arise during ruining the whole experience, so make sure you and your partner are on the same page.

2) Always make your escort aware it is a threesome, Not just because it would be rude to spring another person on them but because it may factor into the cost so all facts should be laid bare before all participants are..laid bare.

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3) Don't be greedy! We get it, it's easy to get carried away in the moment but an escort will make sure that all parties are treated equally unless it was prearranged another way for example as a birthday treat. As exciting as having someone new in your bed is do not forget your partner and make sure that you too are sharing the experience.

4) Have fun! Above all enjoy the experience and don't be afraid to ask for new things the worse than will happen is your escort will say "No. Sorry I don't do that" and then carry on. Their feelings will not be hurt if the couple changes their mind or cannot go through with it after it has started as they still get paid for their time. So get out there, stay safe and have fun.

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