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A Woman's Journey into Real Life Alchemy

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How Vi Vi Thai Used Art and Sciences to Heal an Obsession and Transform Her Life

MILWAUKEE - eTradeWire -- So far, many scientists have sought to repurpose the three different medieval meanings of alchemy. It is very likely, that many people in the Western culture like Vi Vi Thai was, aren't still very familiar with the practical philosophy, technology, and the spiritual use of alchemy.

The alchemist studies is still widely used in chemistry and recognized. The philosophical and spiritual acknowledge of alchemy may be on its way to become popularized with forming and innovation of consciousness being brought together in spaces where information can be easily swapped.

Likewise, this is how people like Vi Vi Thai was introduced to alchemy. Being overworked from obsessing after chasing the "American Dream", Vi Vi became burned out like many others often times do from work related stress. One of values of becoming a student of alchemy to apply it in real life is that it "inspires and challenges you to understand the true nature of alchemy and how it can help you develop a deeper understanding of both yourself and the world." Vi Vi tells Marcus Hart on the Transform U Live Show (https://www.spreaker.com/user/10315548/living-through-alchemy-with-vi-vi-thai)

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A life as a nomadic alchemist has helped Vi Vi to heal and teach others how to heal themselves. There's surprising scientific and psychological roots behind alchemy that is undeniable when we hear stories of how the philosophy has transformed lives.

The book Living through Alchemy: A transformational journey to freedom is available on Amazon and dispel the myths behind alchemy, shining an illuminating light on this fascinating esoteric practice.

Find the book at this link: https://www.livingthroughalchemy.com

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