With New Tax Law, Businesses May Want to Share Financial Rewards With Employees Through Gift Cards

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With New Tax Law, Businesses May Want to Share Financial Rewards With Employees Through Gift Cards

OMAHA, Neb. - Feb. 8, 2018 - eTradeWire -- With the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act now enacted, companies are beginning to use at least some of the benefits that are accruing from a lower tax rate in the form of wage increases and bonuses to employees.

While cash may very well be a valid choice, it's not the only option and, depending on the desired intent of the award, may not always be the right choice, says Rick Buer, president and CEO of GC Incentives (http://www.gcincentives.com/).

As Buer explained, a recent initiative at GC Incentives came in the form of a giving all GC employees $250 in gift cards of their choice via the company's SuperCertificate®.

"GC's SuperCertificate gift card solution included a personal message from our leadership team and the company logo, along with the choice of over 200 gift cards," he said.

The decision to use gift cards was based on Buer's knowledge of the industry.

"When cash gets added to paychecks, employees often feel guilty for spending the extra money on themselves or for luxury items," he said. "By contrast, studies show that items and experiences purchased with gift cards drive an emotional connection to the company and don't get confused with compensation or become expected. And gift cards are high value, allowing the recipient to use them with retail or online promotions and loyalty programs."

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GC Incentives is offering companies that may be considering a similar move a savings of 5 percent off the face value of the SuperCertificate® or GiftPass® gift card solution, which equates to 50 to 100 percent off the service fee. This special offer is valid on orders placed by or before March 30, 2018. Call 1-877-737-0200 for details. This special offer is only available by phone.


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