Wit & Craft Flourish in New Poetry Collection by Virginia Writer

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The Playful Verve of these Poems Provides Buoyancy to Subversive Bolts of Voice

UPLAND, Calif. - eTradeWire -- NEW FROM LUDIC ARTS PRESS, Conspiracy Cherry by Cesca Janece Waterfield
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The poems of Conspiracy Cherry by Cesca Janece Waterfield gambol with wit and cavort with high and low culture as they whip up a cast of richly-voiced women, including a Parisian dancer who flees the city with a wedge of swans, and the Biblical woman known from antiquity merely as "Lot's wife." This chimeric collection sings of a world that provides for its blossoms as well as its blight. That world, both visible and covert, is ours.

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"Waterfield's sensual collection is tactile, inspired, and robust for its size. Like a rock 'n roll A.R. Ammons or Kathy Acker, the 'saltcherry chorus' sings."

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-- Jesi Bender, author of KINDERKRANKENSAUS and The Book of The Last Word

"Conspiracy Cherry feels like a space where love and war meet, on the precipice of redemption, in a natural world that provides sustenance even as it dies. The images are as precise as they are mind-bending—

'...wind / braids air

with air.'

'Raspberries picked between briars float / in a zinc basin / as if water had eyes.'

Waterfield's poems are ephemeral markings that yearn for permanence yet have made peace with evanescence, like the touch of a lover who is impossible even when possible—

'You're made to inscribe / what you're poised / to strip ...'

'...whatever / we scratch down / for the record / rubs out with a buff.'

How close can we come to touching fingertips with the divine before calling it a near miss or succumbing to the black rider? The poet's musical voice answers—

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'There's little left / but try, try, try.'

-- Kim Vodicka, The Elvis Machine (Clash Books) and Psychic Privates (White Stag)

"Conspiracy Cherry is deliciously drunk on words -- at once flamboyant and subtle, draws the reader in until you too, are 'sand-scrivened' and swept away."

-- Katie Sullivan, author of Changelings

Conspiracy Cherry is available now.

Cesca Janece Waterfield is available for webcast appearances and interviews. Visit website at http://www.cescawaterfield.wordpress.com

Publisher Contact: ludicartspress@gmail.com

Author Contact: cescajanece@gmail.com

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