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"Wicked Twisted Road": An Interview With Reckless Kelly

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Willy Braun talks about past, present, and future for Reckless Kelly.

AUSTIN, Texas - Nov. 10, 2018 - eTradeWire -- "'Wicked Twisted Road' is probably the closest to home song I've written. It's got a lot of metaphors but if you can unravel them you'll find out what it all means... if not you can choose your own adventure," Willy Braun, Songwriter and Lead Vocalist of Reckless Kelly said in regards to which of their songs is the most personal.  It is no surprise that this song would mean so much.  The lyrics beautifully capture a journey from adolescence to wisdom in hindsight.  The song acknowledges that mistakes were made, but they were part of a first love; the road.  Maybe this interpretation is dead wrong, but that's the beauty of the song just as Willy said.

These days, the road is a bit less "wicked" for Reckless Kelly.  The wildly successful one in a million band is going to be around for a long time, but every musician starts at zero.  The "overnight success" fairytales are in reality ten year or more successes preceded by failure, a lot of hard work, and downright hustle.  Reckless Kelly did their time, too.  The guys traveled pretty far away from where they grew up to be in Austin, Texas during a time when "Americana" and "Red Dirt" were not yet widely popular genres.  The members of Reckless Kelly uprooted their lives to pursue music.  When asked what adversities Reckless Kelly had overcome, Willy Braun laughed and answered simply, "The music industry. Ha ha!"  The music industry makes no promise for tomorrow.  Had that "tomorrow" never come for Reckless Kelly, Willy said he might have become a carpenter.  "I've always liked building things and would actually probably be pretty happy doing that if the music thing doesn't work out", He said, but confirmed that the members of Reckless Kelly are dedicated.  "We've all pretty much committed to being lifelong musicians".

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The Braun brothers have been touring since they were kids, and have shared the stage with legends such as Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell and Merle Haggard.  "It's cool to have those memories and photos... I don't know that I realized how cool it was at the time.  We were pretty young, but knowing the legacy and impact those guys had on music means a lot to me looking back. Those guys paved a lot of roads we still travel", Willy said, but, surprisingly a career in music wasn't always his dream.  He wanted to be a baseball player! "Then I realized I wasn't very good, and started writing songs." He admitted.

Willy and his brother, Cody, started Reckless Kelly while brothers, Gary and Micky became Micky and the Motorcars.  The group of brothers spend as much time together as they can by writing together, playing on each other's albums, and touring together.  The brother bands fully support each other.  The rivalry between the 4 isn't on the road...it's back at home! "The only real contest between the brothers is to see who can get the most pictures on Gramma's fridge or be the favorite uncle." Willy said.

In regards to Reckless Kelly's influences, Willy Braun replied, "We listened to a lot of Austin guys like Steve Earle, Billy Joe Shaver, Robert Earl Keen etc.  Son Volt's first record was a big influence as well. We also love the classics.  The Beatles, Petty, The Byrd's, Gram Parsons, and Springsteen have influenced us along the way for sure."

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Reckless Kelly hopes to get back in the studio in early 2019. "I've been writing songs for about a year and have a pretty good batch piling up." Willy said.  They will also release a live version of "Bullet Proof" for its ten year anniversary.

Reckless Kelly is currently on the road.  They started in the Midwest and will tour all the way to the East Coast.  Jeff Crosby & The Refugees who released the album "Postcards From Magdalena" last year are accompanying them.  Oh to be a fly on that tourbus wall!  "[Having them] on the road with us is always a good time. Those guys are good for a few laughs!"  Willy said.

Keep up with Reckless Kelly's Midwest to East Coast Tour at https://www.recklesskelly.com/tour.

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