What Steps Should You Take When A Tree Falls On Your House?

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TORONTO - eTradeWire -- Five Star Tree Services offers the best advice for maintaining your trees to guard against weather-related accidents. We also offer Tree Removal Services in Richmond Hill (https://www.fivestartreecare.ca/services/remova...) to help when a tree or large branches have fallen onto your home.

Storms are always a chaotic force of natures that leave homeowners in a state of confusion. Not only do you have to worry about your safety, but you also have to think about potential damage to your property. Storms take millions of gallons of water and dump them right on top of you. They strike the surrounding areas with electricity and high winds.

These intense forces affect everything they encounter, including the trees on your property. Although trees are naturally made to last with deep roots, storms are so powerful that even trees can end up miles away from their home. These trees or branches that have been destroyed in a storm can end up striking your home. Five Star Tree Services has a few tips on what steps to take when you find yourself in this situation.

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What Steps to Take Regarding Tree Damage

The first thing you should do in a storm is to make sure that everyone is safe. If the storm has passed then you can go outside. If not, move to an area of the house that has not been damaged. Large trees can cause structural damage to your home that can cause the entire house to become unstable.

If the tree hit any electrical lines, call the emergency responders before you do anything else. If possible, cut the power to your home from the mainline. Live wires can cause fires or electrocution so caution is key. You should also turn off the gas if the roots of the tree disturbed the underground gas lines. Call your utility providers to have them send a service professional to check for safety.

Your following step should be placing a call to Five Star Tree Services for emergency tree removal. We will come out right away to evaluate the damage and remove the tree from your home. Our skilled specialist will remove the tree and its branches from your home without exacerbating any existing damage. Depending on the severity of the damage to your home, you may need to call a roofer to assess your roof and start repairs.

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