What I Learned From My Shark Tank Audition for Picky Pam's Coco Loco Lice Treatment

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One Crazy Day - 800 Nervous Hopeful Entrepreneurs In A Drizzly Casino Parking Lot Near Palm Springs. Here Is Three Things I Learned From My Experience.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. - eTradeWire -- The big day was excruciatingly boring and incredibly exciting. Hours in various lines, some inside, some outside Morongo Casino (near Palm Springs, CA). Wait for wristbands, wait for your group to be called, wait in the ballroom...wait wait wait! Plenty of time to panic and visualize fainting when you turn finally came. HOWEVER, it was beautifully organized and huge props to the awesome Shark Tank staff! We were told - no more than 500 applicants. When over 800 showed up, somehow, the overworked but energetic staff gave everyone their 1-2 minutes in the sun. So, in a nutshell, I learned 3 things. First, I had sold a boat load of lice shampoo - $244,000 of Apple Attack, over 4 years. All just out of my lice salon. The application to audition was almost as long as the Declaration of Independence, but I ran some analytics I had never run, and I am grateful for that. Second, I learned to be a little crazy (memorable), but also sincere (not TOO corny). The audition is you, standing in front of a table with a twenty something producer smiling sweetly and patiently. When it was my turn, a great dane BARKED..3 times, really loudly...right in the middle of my pitch! I didn't know what to do, so I went on, but I'm sure it didn't help my confidence or enthusiasm (we all laughed...cuz it was funny!). Oh well. The last thing I learned is to ALWAYS shoot for the moon! They get 40,000 applicants each year for 100 spots. I even took a Udemy course for $16.95 "How To Get On Shark Tank: The Audition Guide". The whole process was fun, and exhausting, and nerve wracking, and boring, and really REALLY COOL! If you get a chance...DO IT! Here is my 2 minute dress rehearsal: (kind of embarrassing, but I'll show it to you anyway...at least I wasn't dressed like a giant cockroach!)

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