What Is Your Auto Insurance Score And What You Need To Know

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Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains Everything You Need to Know about Auto Insurance Scores

LAS VEGAS - eTradeWire -- You probably already know what your credit score is and how it affects your ability to get loans, the rates that you pay, and the financial options that you have. Your auto insurance score is similar. This score affects what premium rating you qualify for and how high your monthly auto insurance premium will be.

Like your credit score, your auto insurance score is a measurement of your riskiness. If you are shopping for auto insurance, knowing your insurance score and what you can do to improve it can help you make wise choices.

Auto Insurance Score vs. Credit Score: What Is the Difference?

Both your auto insurance score and your credit score are measurements of how risky you are, whether to lend money to or to insure. Their main differences lie in who uses them and how they are calculated.

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Credit scores are generated by three credit bureaus. These bureaus maintain files on borrowers that include information such as payment history, how much money is owed, the length of credit history and the types of credit used. The better the score, the more financial opportunities you have.

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