What is the cutest Jellycat???

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BUDE, U.K. - eTradeWire -- A fresh year can pose opportunity for new thoughts, important questions to be pondered upon and meaningful decisions made. For us, first on the 2022 to-blog list is tackling something that has been on our mind for many years now. One of life's big, seemingly unanswerable questions: what IS the cutest Jellycat??

The research we have undertaken in a search for answers has been exhaustive, and very, very comforting. We've cuddled, cooed and chatted, all in the name of science. We even conducted a poll on Instagram and had some spectacular suggestions sent in (thank you all!) and have narrowed it down to our top 5:

#5: Octopus delight

You may have noticed from our shop windows that we have become happily octopus obsessed in recent times. Those tactile tentacles, the happy face, the colours! A glorious present for everyone, we especially love how they can be displayed in so many ways, using those tentacles. They make us so happy and it's really not tricky to see why...

See the full Jellycat Octopus range. (https://spencerthorn.com/?s=octopus&post_type=product)

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At #4, a fabulous flock of Birdlings

From the moment we saw the first flutterings last year, we have been hooked. Such sweet little birdies to brighten your day, as usual Jellycat have reminded us of the magic in the day-to-day things we see. Which is your favourite? See the full birdling range (https://spencerthorn.com/?s=birdling&post_type=product).

#3 – Dexter Dragon

The guardian of our children's section, and quite possibly one of the most beautiful Jellycats we've ever seen. The most sumptuous colours for such a charming magical beast, this is the perfect side-kick for childhood.

Oooo it's close, but at #2 are Amuseable food options

Are we cheating by including broad area of Jellycat joy instead of one toy? Yes. Are we able to choose between the croissant and the tomato? Absolutely not. We just love how collectible they all are, how they can signify lovely food memories and, without fail, make all of our customers smile. Well played, Jellycat. Check out the full Jellycat Amusable range (https://spencerthorn.com/product-tag/jellycat-a...).

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Drumroll please….

In at #1. It had to be, the iconic, the classic, the much-adored BASHFUL BUNNY.

Now in a rainbow of colours and beloved by babies, sleepy children and tired adults alike, these adorable little creatures are safe, soft and ever so snuggly. Long may the variations and new colours continue! See the full Jellycat Bashful Bunny range (https://spencerthorn.com/product-tag/bashful-bu...).

Phew! We can remove our lab coat and await your feedback on our investigation of what is the cutest Jellycat! To be honest, we could do our top 100 Cutest Jellycat and we still wouldn't even scratch the surface of the joy this brand has brought to the world since 1999!

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