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What Does it Really Mean to be Refined?

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ST. GEORGE, Utah - eTradeWire -- Some people think that being refined is all about high society and those with plenty of money. Many think it's about status or prestige. In the dictionary, it says that a person who is refined is "elegant and cultured in appearance, manner, or taste." It also describes refined as: cultured, polished, stylish, elegant, sophisticated, polite, gracious, well-mannered, well bred, gentlemanly and ladylike.

Would a refined gentleman or lady ever be outspoken and give their opinions freely, even though it is not considered popular? Would it be against a "well-bred" society? If a lady were considered refined, what would she most likely do to defend herself? Would she speak up for her values or just bow down to another's opinion? Would she defend herself?

When reading about the many adventures of Frances Davies, who was noted as a "lady of refinement," it was interesting to find out what a courageous woman she was. Frances had attended a private school and received an education that set her apart from other young women. Even though she was referred to as a lady of refinement, she did things that other women of her status wouldn't even think of. In other words, she didn't live up to what society expected of a "refined lady." Frances Davies had grit.

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Taking the many adventures of Frances, a historical romance was created called A Lady of Refinement. The main character, Serenity, is looking for someone special, a "hero" just like Ivanhoe. Even though Ivanhoe is fictional, written by Sir Walter Scott, no one seems to measure up to this valiant knight until Jonathan comes along. At first, he seemed so quiet and reserved and she has no interest in him. But somehow this brave firefighter gradually wins her heart with his many heroic deeds. As she gets to know him, Serenity soon realizes there is much more to him than she originally thought.

Reviewer Louise Pledge wrote: "How I enjoy finding a book that will not let me put it down until I'm done!  This was the case with A Lady of Refinement.  Linda Weaver Clarke used a true story of her ancestor's as a base, and it rang familiar to me. The main character, Serenity, is the refined lady, and it was such a delight when she bested a few arrogant males.  My favorite character, however, was Jonathan, who was very taken with Serenity.  Time will tell if he is successful at capturing her attention."

Lady of Refinement is available  on Amazon and on Audible Audiobooks.


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