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Waterside Productions Announces John A. Barry's New Book, "Maledictionary"

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CARDIFF BY THE SEA, Calif. - eTradeWire -- Waterside Productions announces the release of Maledictionary, an illustrated compendium of neologisms (new words) by John A. Barry (text) and Sean Barry (illustrations). Subtitled "Impolite and impolitic neologisms and other lexical legerdemain for the Neo Dark Ages," this dictionary contains more than 1,500 definitions, as well as word games and an essay on the phonetic phenomenon of vowel-shifting. Each letter section of the book features an illustration of a word in that section: Sandwitch for S, for example.

Barry employs six techniques for coining the words in Maledictionary.

1.      "Blended words." For example squirrmin, a blending of squirrel and vermin.

2.      New definitions for existing words. For example, hypnotic, a muscle spasm of a person in a trance.

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3.      "Portmanteau-plus." A combination of three or more words to create a single one. For example, junkbulliar, a person who concocts a stew of junk data, bunk, bullshit, and lies.

4.      Combinations of whole words. For example: gallblather (n.) acrimonious banter.

5.      Homophonia. Homophonic whole words or syllables create this effect. For example: arthwritis, difficulty in corresponding due to manual joint problems.

6.      Spelling alterations. Arthwritis also fits this category. Another example: borometer, a device for measuring levels of ennui.

"With the increasing dysfunction of the US political system and a distressing trend toward authoritarianism, I thought the time was right for a dictionary dealing with these issues," says John Barry. But that was not Barry's only impetus for creating Maledictionary. "I've been intrigued by language since I was a kid," he continues, "and that interest led me to a career in writing and publishing."

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Barry served in editorial positions for a variety of magazines. Maledictionary is his twelfth book as author or coauthor and his second with Sean Barry, his son. Their first book was entitled What a Zoo! An evolutionary guide to the Beltway bestiary and geopolitical jungle.

is available from Amazon in print or as an e-book.

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Waterside publishes ebooks, audio books, print on demand and traditional print books. Waterside's mission is to help authors and publishers reach the largest possible audiences for books, ebooks, films, audiobooks, and online courses that will enhance joy and create a better world.


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