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Wash Ninja® Adds SiO2 Vehicle Washes and Repel Hydrophobic Coatings

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Dec. 6, 2018 - eTradeWire -- Wash Ninja®, leaders in detailing, paint protection, and car care products, announces SiO2 Ninja and Repel Ninja as cost-effective ultra-convenient premium exterior silica based automotive wash, surface protectant, and hydrophobic coating services.  The new services enable customers to experience the benefits of the company's full ceramic coatings.

Completed in a fraction of the time and cost compared to complete nano-ceramic quartz coatings, the new silica based detailing services deliver added gloss, self-cleaning properties, excellent hydrophobic effects of increased water repellency and beading characteristics along with UV protection.  SiO2 Ninja and Repel Ninja services deliver the best exterior protection, and significantly higher than a standard car wash is able to deliver.

Several benefits are provided with silica based silicon dioxide (SiO2) vehicle washes including surface protection, hydrophobic water repellency, self-cleaning properties, exterior surface slickness, and gloss.

The silca base ingredient in the SiO2 Ninja vehicle wash quickly delivers water repellency and protection lasting longer than traditional waxes, and in much less time in one single wash application.  SiO2 Ninja lasts up to three months with the product being applied as the vehicle is washed in the final rinse on paint, plastic, trim, windows, and wheels providing an instant bond to the surfaces.  A small amount of product is needed and added, which goes a long way.

Wash Ninja® applies the product to the top and sides of the vehicle with very little product required on lower panels as the silica spreads downward to lower vehicle panels through the rinse phase.  Wash Ninja® recommends to avoid applying in direct sunlight, and to not to let the product dry on the surface, but rather dry with a microfiber towel before the vehicle drys.

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SiO2 Ninja can be used on vehicles with no protection, vehicles with a nano-ceramic quartz coating, or it can be used as a maintenance ceramic wash.  The easy to perform SiO2 wash is done simply by spraying a little product on top of the vehicle and sides, and then drying it off.  SiO2 Ninja is designed to secure the best possible hydrophobic effect in a single car wash.

Repel Ninja by Wash Ninja® provides great results in terms of look and protection.  It is being offered for people that do not want to go through the effort required in their full semi-permanent nano-ceramic quartz coating that provides high water repellency and vehicle protection for years.  Repel Ninja uses the same ingredient, silica (SiO2), but is quicker and easier.  Vehicles receive 6 months durability versus years out of a full nano-ceramic coating.

Repel Ninja is flexible and provides surface slickness, superior hydrophobic water repellency, gloss and UV protection.  Repel Ninja is also provided as a topper for ceramic coatings.  Vehicles are prepped to remove any wax or sealants to permit proper bonding with the paint prior to application.  A small amount of product goes a long way.  Repel Ninja is applied by spraying the product on a towel and spreading evenly on the vehicle one panel at a time with soft even strokes.   A second microfiber towel removes any remaining product.  Vehicle surfaces become very slick contributing to self-cleaning properties when the vehicle comes in contact with rain.  The product is safe on all areas including paint, chrome, wheels, and won't discolor plastic, if applied.

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Since Repel Ninja is a coating based product, it is recommended the vehicle is kept dry a minimum of 12 hours after application to cure.  Two coats can be applied that gives more durability.  Vehicles would receive more even coverage and hydrophobic properties will also get a little better.  A few hours between applications is suggested.

Repel Ninja provides the most intense type water repellency and beading customers will find.  The service offers great hydrophobic properties, and like any coating, it needs maintenance.  Wash Ninja® offers SiO2 maintenance detailing services to help maintain durability for a longer period of time.

Wash Ninja® has videos and information on their website.  The organization hosts an extensive gallery of vehicle details they have serviced on their social media channels serving over 80,000 fans.

Earlier this year, Wash Ninja® was named a 2017 Official Prestigious Yelp Award Recipient for consistent service delivery and top review ratings. Wash Ninja® was also selected to One Spark 2018, The World's Largest Idea Festival this year.  The company showcased their non-toxic and biodegradable waterless car wash products and eco-friendly car care products available on Amazon.

Visit the full newsroom on the Wash Ninja® website at www.wash.ninja to learn more.

About Wash Ninja, Inc.

Wash Ninja® is a green-friendly company providing premium non-toxic and biodegradable waterless car wash products, eco-friendly car care products, paint protection coatings, ceramic coating services, and complete professional detailing services with zero water waste. The company's products and services deliver optimal protection with the finest results.

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