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Warm, Wet Winter Means More Bugs

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HIGH POINT, N.C. - eTradeWire -- This winter has been especially warm and wet. This means homeowners should be prepared for heavier-than-normal pest pressure this spring and summer.

Pest experts at Go-Forth Pest Control, which has been exterminating for over 61 years, attest to the forecast for increased insect activity. "We have seen it many times before," says Chase Hazelwood, owner and CEO of the third generation family-owned company. "Warmer winter weather means the above-ground temperatures are safer for insects and ground freeze is limited. This means less loss of both above-ground insects and below-ground insect colonies. Above-ground insects have been able to lay eggs sooner. There will be healthier colonies below-ground. When it comes time for the insects to emerge in the spring, we are anticipating a very busy workload for our team, who will be out helping all the folks who didn't have preventative treatments performed prior to spring."


"Year round pest prevention is critical to avoiding an infestation come springtime," explains Leah Hazelwood, Vice President. "If you don't have any sort of defense in place, you're much more likely to be facing a large infestation that takes longer to control. If the ground is not frozen, colonies can continue to function over winter months and by the time it gets warm enough for them to come above ground, you have an enormous problem that has been thriving over the warmer winter."

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Warmer and wetter weather also means foliage will grow sooner and healthier, providing increased food supply for many insects.

What types of pests does Go-Forth anticipate to be especially bothersome this spring and summer? "We are preparing our team and inventory for increased ants, termites and mosquitoes." says Chase Hazelwood. "I think we'll start getting calls about termite swarms in February this year. And mosquitoes, I wouldn't be surprised if they become a threat as early as March. As far as ants, I think that homeowners who normally could fix a small ant problem with DIY [do-it-yourself] methods will be overwhelmed with colony size this year and will need professional help."

Leah Hazelwood

Source: Go-Forth Pest Control
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