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Virtual150i Founder Plans To Start Selling Riders to Lyft and Uber Drivers

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Purchasing Riders From Us Would Fix The Revenue Flaws In Both These Companies' Business Model!

NEW CANAAN, Conn. - eTradeWire -- "As a Designer I am always looking for new opportunities to build a New Revenue Framework around an opportunity that would allow my system to generate the demand, and then allow the company I am working with to service the demand.  And while Lyft and UBER may be market leaders in the Car Sharing Arena, the amount of money they are losing each month will bring them closer to our way of thinking once their drivers start signing up for our services.

When most of these Ventures were building their Business Model, very few fully understood how "Constant Motion" or in simple Terms "Demand" would play into the overall equation.  Some thought their Luxury Brand would be enough to drive their sales.  But like most trends take time to die, working with an outside source that can drive your company's sales is the new reality!   Allowing Lyft and Uber Drivers to Buy a Set Number of Riders from my Virtual Platform would patch up all the secondary revenue holes in a Car Sharing and Subscription Base Company Business Model.  And depending on the number of Riders a Lyft or Uber Driver Buys, would allow them to make more than $2400.00 Week in fees.  More important, place all of Lyft and Uber drivers sitting in the back lots at the Airport or in a Parking Lot waiting for a fare in service.

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Now when it comes to Subscription Base services its almost impossible to project any type of revenue structure when a certain number of consumers are failing to extend the services beyond their current agreement.  And the month to month theme or Payment Format was never going to work for this type of Car Service.  So, in order to patch up the hole in the Subscription Plan Format we will be giving companies the same opportunity to buy Riders from us!  Working from a 12-month to 24-month Prepaid Format.

Within seconds of processing a Prepaid 12-month Subscription Plan we would be able to direct a consumer to an Automaker's Local Dealer to complete the order; thus, allowing a consumer to work from the vehicles a Dealer has sitting on their lot.  More Important by assigning a set number of consumers to each vehicle we get access to, would allow us to cover the cost of car. Working from a 4-year format the average vehicle would generate between $72,00.00 and $120,000.00 in booking fees; thus, covering the cost of a vehicle and the basic wear and tear.

Prepaid Structure:

Subscription Service

12 months/$1500 monthly or $18k Yearly........4-year/$72,000

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24 months/$2500 monthly or $30k Yearly........4-year/$120,000

Car-sharing Weekly Options
25 Riders
50 Riders
100 Riders

Right now, GM, Ford and other Auto Companies are renting vehicles to potential Lyft and Uber drivers. Our Virtual Platform allows us to focus more on the "Prepaid Format"  as a new and more stable revenue source.  Once we process an order a consumer will be subject to the Car Sharing or Subscription Company Terms and Policies.  Everything we do will be based on "Creating The Demand, and Then pushing the demand out to the Companies and Drivers that we partner with!' said Vince Charles Allen Moulterie II, Founder and Chief Designer of Virtual150i Virtual Investment System.

Building A More Stable Investment Environment

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Charles Allen Jr.

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