Venti Group Announces A New Partnership With Intercol (International Agencies Co Ltd) To Distribute The CORE™ MIMO & SISO In The Middle East

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Venti Group is pleased to announce the distribution of the CORE™ LTE DAS MIMO & SISO Antennas in The Middle East (Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait.)

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. - Sept. 14, 2015 - eTradeWire -- Venti Group is pleased to announce the distribution of the CORE™ Multi-Band DAS MIMO & SISO Antennas in The Middle East (Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait.)

Venti Group has partnered with Intercol (International Agencies Co Ltd). Intercol delivers and deploys a comprehensive portfolio of turnkey solutions for today's fast changing business environment for the Qatar & Bahrain regions. Intercol is a leading provider of Enterprise Communication solutions to small, medium, large and multi-location businesses in the region.

Venti Group is a licensor and manufacturer of antenna, coax RF suppression sleeve and PIM technologies. Venti Group develops and owns its patented Wireless technology. Venti Group currently holds eight global patents issued by the USPTO and International Agencies for its horizontal antenna and RF suppression sleeve technologies. Venti Group has an additional 11 patents pending. The Venti Group Family of CORE™ Antennas includes Indoor Omni MIMO and SISO and Directional Panel Antennas for DAS Networks, Outdoor Directional DAS Antennas, Indoor Omni Wi-Fi Arrays, Directional Wi-Fi Antennas and Small Cell Antenna Solutions. Venti Group also manufactures and licenses H+V Pol Turnkey Solutions for Drones – both for the UAV and Ground Station.


The CORE™ Multi-Band DAS MIMO is a Dual-Pol, Low PIM Rated (-153 dBc) Antenna now available Worldwide. The CORE™ DAS Multi-Band Antenna leverages several of our patented technologies including the CORE™ Horizontally Polarized Antenna, SLEEV™, and PIMCONNECT™. These technologies make the CORE™ Multi-Band DAS Antenna unmatched in performance and PIM rating. The CORE™ MIMO delivers Better Coverage, Increased Data Throughput, and a Stronger, More Stable Connection.

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Abu Sayeed, Chief Engineer at On Air Solutions, a Houston-based wireless system integrator for major telecoms and convergence specialist commented, "Once we learned about the performance and price value of this indoor MIMO antenna, engineered by Venti Group, it became our number one choice for project deployments."


• In-Building DAS MIMO Antenna
• 698-2700 MHz + Additional Bands
• Unsurpassed PIM Rating -153 dBc or Better
• True Horizontal and Vertical Polarization
• Available in iBwave


At -160 dBc (PASSIVE INTERMODULATION 2 x 20W IM3: ≤ -160dBc), The CORE™ Low PIM DAS Multi-Band SISO Antenna delivers a PIM Rating previously unseen and unavailable in any antenna on the market. The CORE™ Low PIM DAS Multi-Band SISO Antenna is revolutionary allowing for applications previously unavailable in the DAS Market because of its complete coverage of the carrier bands with a true -160 dBc or better PIM Rating.

David Hoglund from Integra Systems commented, "PIM is a serious issue for cellular operators wanting to maximize their network's reliability, data rate, capacity and return on their network investment."  The CORE™ SISO Antenna solves this problem with an incredible unprecedented PIM Rating of -160 dBc across the entire LTE spectrum.


• Indoor DAS SISO Antenna
• 698-2700 MHz + Additional Bands
• Highest Industry PIM Rating of ≤ -160 dBc or Better for all LTE Bands
• Uniform Patterns (Not an Inverted F Antenna)
• Available in iBwave


For more information about The CORE™ MIMO & SISO:

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For more information about Intercol, contact:
Tel: 973.77077.082


About Venti Group

Venti Group is a Manufacturer and Licensor of Antennas, coax RF Suppression Sleeve and PIM Technologies. Venti Group independently develops and owns three Wireless Patent families - CORE™ Antenna, SLEEV™ and PIMCONNECT™ Technologies. CORE™ Antennas are a Patented Low-Cost Antenna Technology. CORE™ Antennas is a line of Indoor and Outdoor WiFi and DAS Antennas. The CORE™ Antenna patent family was developed by Venti Group engineers. Some of this technology includes an Omni Directional Horizontally Polarized Antenna in a small and cost effective form factor. H+V Pol CORE™ Antenna solutions provide greater coverage and data throughput increases up to 72% in DAS networks. SLEEV™ is an Open Ended RF Suppression Sleeve.  PIMCONNECT™ is a Mechanically and Electrically Stable Connection for Coax to Metal Grounds providing a Long-Term, Repeatable Low PIM Coax Connection. Venti Group is committed to bringing our technologies to the Wireless World to enhance all communications with greater coverage along with faster and more reliable data.

About Intercol (International Agencies Co Ltd)

Established in 1957, Intercol continues to grow and diversify at a fast pace by building on its rich experience. Attention to detail, personalized service and acute business acumen have helped Intercol gain the distinction of being one of Bahrain's leading conglomerates with a wide range of business activities. By building on its experience, Intercol has also ventured into different areas of business by foraying into other GCC countries such as UAE, Kuwait and Qatar.

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