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Vegas Massacre a Reminder - Most Colleges Still Unprepared For a Shooter

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A Few Simple Inexpensive Steps Could Save Many Lives and Limit Legal Liability

WASHINGTON - eTradeWire -- A crazed gunman killed three and wounded many more when he sprayed bullets into crowds on two campus buildings at UNLV Wednesday.

Although there have been some 630 mass shootings just this year, many schools are still largely unprepared for a mass shooter, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf.

Most schools have not taken any of the dozen or so simple and inexpensive steps to prepare for the increasingly foreseeable mass shooter on campus which are outlined in a recent international study - How Can Universities Tackle the Threat of Active Shooters? (https://www.universityworldnews.com/post.php?st...)

It appears that UNLV did take at least two of the precautions.  Professorswere able to lock the doors to classrooms; the single most important step schools can take because no shooter has ever breached a locked classroom door.

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Unfortunately, on too many campuses, police are not armed, and there may be a long delay before municipal law enforcement can arrive. On his own campus at GWU, Banzhaf says that hundreds of faculty want to disarm the police, and confront crazed shooters with Kumbaya ("a term of derision, having been associated with what are considered naïve and unrealistic attitudes") tactics.

Here is what the international shooter-safety report (https://www.universityworldnews.com/post.php?story=20221011124140599) very strongly suggests every school should do or have:
■ Classroom doors which can be locked from the inside
■ Signs in windows displaying room numbers to assist first responders outside
■ A system of master keys should all doors can be unlocked without unreasonable delay (as occurred in Uvalde)
■ Every police vehicle and campus building should have a forced entry tool to use promptly if doors are locked or jammed

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■ Outer doors should have simple magnetic sensors which alert via WiFi if a supposedly locked door is left (or propped) open
■ Students hiding and afraid of being overheard by a shooter should be able to silently text information to school authorities
■ Tourniquets or other measures to stop the rapid loss of blood and exsanguination from especially fast-bleeding AR-15 wounds before medical help can arrive
■ One-way peepholes (like all motels have) in offices and other doors, especially for those working during uncrowded hours such as at night and on weekends
■ School apps on all student cell phone telling students what to do in the event of emergencies, and able to transmit text messages to the school
■ Guns for campus police, and possibly for others safely stored unless and until an active shooter appears
■ Non-lethal weapons such a bear spray, paint-ball guns, etc. if lethal weapons cannot be utilized

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Source: Public Interest Law Professor John Banzhaf
Filed Under: Education

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