UVPhotoMax™ Signature Series kills airborne viruses and bacteria

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HHHC HVAC Uv Light Benefits
DE PERE, Wis. - eTradeWire -- HVAC UV light benefits center on cleaner air for your home

Indoor air quality is more important than ever for homeowners in the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area as more people work at home. HVAC UV light benefits are a hot topic now because of their ability to work with your home's comfort system for cleaner indoor air.

Healthy Home Heating & Cooling recommends the UVPhotoMax™ Signature Series for our customers in northeastern Wisconsin. The system uses advanced oxidation air purification to eliminate airborne viruses, bacteria and household odors.

HVAC UV light benefits start with the system's ability to connect directly to your home's comfort system for whole-house effectiveness. Since UV light provides the power behind the technology, there are no additional fans or motors to create noise.


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Your home's existing ductwork leverages HVAC UV light benefits

Air circulation through your home's ductwork is a bad news, good news situation. The bad news is that without an air purification system, your HVAC system is free to recirculate dirty air containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The good news is an advanced oxidation air purification system that packs HVAC UV light benefits such as the UVPhotoMax™ Signature Series is tailor-made to leverage your home's ductwork to deliver cleaner air for you and your family.

VOCs include chemicals found in household cleaners, hair products, laundry detergent, even deodorant. They exist in the air and get into your lungs when you breathe. One of the primary HVAC UV light benefits is allowing the UVPhotoMax™ Signature Series system to act as an air filter rather than your lungs.

When you schedule your UVPhotoMax™ Signature Series and central air conditioner installation, you will take advantage of the HVAC UV light benefits. Your summer instantly becomes healthier as well as more comfortable.

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Healthy Home Heating & Cooling, LLC, indoor air quality specialists

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