U.S. Travel Magazine Redirects Primary Focus to COVID-19 and the Effects on Holiday Travel

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LONDON - eTradeWire -- U.S. Travel Magazine, long known for its widespread coverage of travel to and within the United States, is taking an ongoing, hard look at how COVID-19 is affecting every realm of travel and what passengers can expect this holiday season by expanding its virus coverage.
  Spokesman Robert Anderson said that U.S. Travel Magazine has been following the virus and its travel-related effects since its outbreak in the United States this past March, and has recently devoted a great deal more space to this devastating illness.
  "Readers are emailing us every day, asking us to please include more articles focusing on everything travel-related and how this virus is affecting everyone and everything," Anderson said from his London office earlier today. "And we're doing exactly that. People want to know things such as which airlines are being affected the most? Which airlines might not survive this? People are just being bombarded by so much on TV and the internet, so we're presenting something that makes sense, plain and simple."

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  Anderson said one very popular section of the webpage is the interactive map, which highlights updated travel restrictions and shows state-specific rules. He said that the map, which is updated daily by United Airlines, oftentimes has its information updated before the local television news channels.
  "The map is always the first article that readers will hit," Anderson said. "They may be going to, say, Massachusetts, for business travel, and want to know if it's even open for passengers, and if it is, what can they expect when they get there? And once they establish the virus ground rules for where they're going, they start reading the articles about which airlines and hotels are offering the best deals, which airlines to avoid because they're filing bankruptcy, which airlines are the safest in terms of sanitation..."
  U.S. Travel Magazine was very virus-intensive when it first reared its head in America, and recently devoted almost 85% of its coverage to just that.
  "The world has been turned upside down," Anderson said. "Will we return to normal soon? Will these vaccines really work? And since the state of travel is literally changing every hour, we want to make sure that every question is answered, every angle covered, every form of transportation scrutinized. People are telling us that they didn't even know what type of face mask to wear onboard a flight until they started reading our pages."

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  Foreign correspondent Eric Hanson, whose international wings have been temporarily clipped by the virus, has been traversing the country and talking with airline, hotel and cruise line representatives about what their brands are experiencing and what passengers can expect when they utilize these services.
  "It's not a pretty picture out there in any sense of the word," Anderson said. "Airlines are losing billions of dollars. Business travel is down 90 percent, and medical professionals are telling Americans to avoid getting sick and not fly home for the holidays. People are out of work, businesses are closing down and just disappearing, and they need to know how to navigate the traveling part of their lives and know what to expect before they leave home."
  And U.S. Travel plans on ramping up its virus coverage until the bitter end.
  U.S. Travel Magazine can be found online at https://ustravelonline.net/

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