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Unlocking the Healing Power of the Mind

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Ascension Psychology Introduces Transformative Healing Tips To Use The Mind To Heal The Body

SAN DIEGO - eTradeWire -- Ascension Psychology in an integrative energy psychology, developed by Dr. Lauren Pichard.  It is transforming trauma treatment with a comprehensive approach to chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and family issues. This method combines evidence-based psychological practices with ancient healing traditions to address the root causes of past life, childhood, and ancestral trauma.

Introducing New Healing Tips

Ascension Psychology is excited to launch "Ascension Psychology Tips for Healing." This collection of 20 practical tips helps individuals harness the power of their minds for healing, providing both the right mindset and actual techniques.

About Dr. Lauren Pichard

Dr. Lauren Pichard, a licensed clinical psychologist, integrates Western and Eastern healing practices. Her training at The Betty Ford Center under Dr. Peter Przekop, known for integrating Qi Gong in trauma healing, and a spiritual transmission from Paramhansa Yogananda, enhance her ability to intuitively help her patients heal. This blend of scientific training and spiritual insight forms the foundation of Ascension Psychology.

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The Healing Power of the Mind

Empirical evidence supports the mind's profound impact on physical health. Studies on the placebo and nocebo effects show that expectations and beliefs can significantly influence health outcomes. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) aligns with Ascension Psychology's approach, treating trauma as an energetic blockage.

Case Studies: Real-Life Transformations
Healing Chronic Pain: A client with severe IBS symptoms scheduled for exploratory surgery experienced significant improvement after sessions with Dr. Pichard, avoiding surgery altogether.
Healing Cluster Headaches: A man in his 40s found relief from debilitating cluster headaches by addressing ancestral karmic entanglements through Ascension Psychology.

The Right Mindset: Foundation for Healing

A positive mindset is crucial for successful healing. Dr. Pichard shares a powerful story of a single mother diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis who, by adopting a positive outlook, has experienced no relapses.

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Products and Services Offered by Ascension Psychology
Individual Therapy Sessions: Addressing trauma's root causes to promote mental and physical healing.
Training Programs: Equipping practitioners to harness the mind's healing power.
Free Resources: The website offers a complimentary 60-minute self-help audiobook and healing tips for a limited time.

Experience the Transformation

Ascension Psychology blends scientific and spiritual practices, offering effective solutions for deep healing and transformation. For more information, to schedule a session, or to enroll in training programs, visit https://ascensionpsychology.com or contact Dr. Lauren Pichard at drlauren@ascensionpsychology.com. For a limited time, these tips are available for free download.

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