Understanding the Anatomy of a Tree

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TORONTO - eTradeWire -- There are thousands of tree species all over the world and all these trees share the same anatomical features. All trees have trunks, branches, intricate rooting systems and leaves that make up their core systems. If you are curious about the anatomy and importance of each part, reading this guide by Five Star Tree Services is a great way to educate yourself.

Tree Branches & Twigs
The branches grow from the trunk of the tree and they help support the flowers, fruits and leaves the tree produces. The twigs and branches are also used as transport between the trunk and leaves. The top part of the tree along with the leaves is called the tree crown. This area filters dust and other debris from the atmosphere. In addition to cleaning the air, the crown also offers shade for animals and humans alike.

Tree Leaves
The leaves of a tree manage the photosynthesis process which ensures the tree has food and maintains its health. The leaves are also tasked with drawing in carbon monoxide and releasing oxygen for the rest of us to use. Many leaves have different edges which work to collect water, repel pests, and reduce wind resistance.

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The Tree Trunk
The trunk of every tree has five layers. These layers consist of the inner bark, the outer bark, heartwood, sapwood, and cambium cell. The outer bark protects from harsh temperatures and pests, in addition to helping the tree retain moisture.

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How Five Star Tree Services Can Help
Here at Five Star Tree Services, we care about the life and health of your trees. Our arborist offers 24-hour emergency services in addition to our regular tree and plant care services. If you are in need of trimming, tree assessment, deep root feeding, or tree removal in Toronto or the GTA, give us a call at (416) 990-3355 to set up an appointment.

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