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Uber Alternative: Tired of Driving People Around?

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Looking for a way to make money other than Uber or Lyft? Read this...

LOS ANGELES - eTradeWire -- Looking for an alternative to Uber or Lyft?

In the beginning, ridesharing may be exciting, interesting, and even fun. You get to meet new people and discover parts of the city you never knew.

Pandemic Driving
Unfortunately, the current pandemic has taken lots of the joy out of driving for any rideshare service. Here a just a few low-lights:

- Wearing a mask makes conversations difficult.
- Wiping down the car seats after each ride becomes tedious.
- Your safety, and that of your riders, is now at risk!

But even before the pandemic the wear and tear on your car, crying babies, and driving in the worst (unsafe) parts of town grow old quickly.

You are reading these words online.

This means you have access to a computer.

Have you ever considered working online?

Being able to separate your labor from the money being paid is certainly more fun than driving around all day.

Can't Write? Consider this...

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Many people are making full-time wages providing writing services.

Let's say you need to make $1,000.00 a month, part-time. You can devote 5 hours a week to make that happen. That is twenty hours a month. Divide $1K by 20 and that means you need to make $50/hr to reach your goal.

The next time you spend a couple of hours driving around in bad weather or with rude riders think about this:

Here are 2 options to consider:

1) The link below gives you access to resources that will pay $200.00 per week for writing.

2) It will show you how to broker the writing which leverages your time and creates passive income for you:


If you don't want to deal with the writing part the service below will pay you $200.00 for each referral. How many referrals can you make in one week?



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