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Tribel announces new tagline to "take back social"

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Tribel invites billions of social media users to "take back social" with its new pointed tagline.

NEW YORK - eTradeWire -- Social media platforms have become less of 'places for friends' and more inundated with adverts, suggested content, influencer promotions, and groups. We find ourselves endlessly scrolling and rarely thumb-stopping on posts we want to see. But now Tribel is asking the world to "take back social" with its new punchy tagline, pointed at both its competitors and, well, everyone.

It's no secret that Tribel is making waves in the social media industry for a host of reasons, including its existing user experience opportunities where content is customized for each individual.

Let's take a look at the history of the largest and most well-known social media network. Facebook launched in 2004 with the sole mission of creating a personal space to connect with college friends, share text updates, upload photos and videos, and simply be at a digital "party". While its audience has evolved and skewed toward older generations over the course of 20 years, it has also regressed with overbearing "in your face" and used car salesman-recent tactics. It makes us want to walk away while shivering with discontent.

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Did Twitter perhaps miss the mark when it created the hashtag in 2009 for users to filter what they want to see in their feeds? While this is a seemingly easy way to refine that content, it's also a bit cumbersome and time-consuming. These days, we want our feeds to show us what we really want, and although social networks have algorithms in place to help identify our interests, many times, they majorly fail us.

A perfect example: You take to the internet to search for tickets to an upcoming baseball game as a gift for a friend who loves baseball. Within hours, your social feed is overloaded with sponsored posts and ads for that baseball team – and not only tickets, but apparel, mugs, shoes, and anything related to baseball. You yourself don't even like baseball that much; you just want to give your friend a good gift they'll like. It's not only annoying, but it's an inconsiderate assumption based on robots prying into your life as if they know you.

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At Tribel, you are in control of the content you see in your feeds. Tribel does not betray your trust or invade your privacy just to show you stuff that might make them a few bucks. Your contributions have merit, your feed is tailored to your interests, and the entire Tribel experience is meaningful and authentic.

Tribel is how social was meant be. That's why it only makes sense to forego the outdated, aging platforms, and take back social. For more information on Tribel, visit our website at: https://www.tribel.com.

Ty Masters, Creative Director & Writer

Source: Tribel
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