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Tree Care for Japanese Maple Trees

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TORONTO - eTradeWire -- When the roots of your Japanese maple become weak due to how much water it is being exposed to, the signs include it looking dry with its leaves curling. There are two possible reasons for this result; either the soil is too dry or too wet. For any tree, watering it regularly is necessary but proper drainage is also necessary to ensure your tree isn't sitting in wet soil all the time. Let's go over the proper way to take care of your Japanese maple.

City Soil Restrictions

City living typically means that what little soil you have is going to be extremely compact with little to no pore space. Not to mention that the soils lack organic nutrient matter that is vital to help plants be fed and grow. Some main problems that occur is that water is unable to seep through the soil, resulting in it simply running off the top of it and/or evaporating extremely quickly. Making it so that your plant roots are not getting water or moisture and essentially starving them. The other main problem is that there is no proper drainage, creating a pool of water around your plants. Being submerged in water constantly damages the roots and inhibits proper sap flow. Some soil renovations might be necessary in order to avoid these problems and have happy and healthy plants.

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