Top 3 Myths About Tree Care and Maintenance

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RICHMOND HILL, Ontario - eTradeWire -- Landscaping helps to add an element of aesthetic appeal to your home while also improving your overall quality of life. It creates a personal oasis that draws your attention after a long day at work or even a trip out of town. Trees also are an essential part of the environment that contributes to our wellbeing. It is important to take care of your trees properly to ensure their health and survival.

There are a lot of myths about tree care that are floating around that many owners take as fact. Following a lot of these myths can inhibit a tree's growth and even cause them to fail in some instances. To help you keep your greenery healthy, Five Star Tree Services has decided to debunk some common misconceptions and myths surrounding proper tree care.

Myth #1: Don't Prune Your Trees in the Fall or Winter

The best time to prune trees is actually when there are no leaves on the branches. Pruning at the end of fall or during the warmer winter days will encourage new growth during the spring. Simply wait until the worst part of winter has passed before trimming or pruning your trees. There is also no danger of sap leaking and becoming frozen during the winter.

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