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Tom and Carolina Gildred Civil Fraud Breach of Contract

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Trial Heats Up "FOSTER VS GILDRED" HON. BLAINE K. BOWMAN Mot. Sanctions/Evidence under oath Submissions Tom Gildred Fraud, breach of Contract Allegation June-7-24

RANCHO SANTA FE, Calif. - eTradeWire -- A hearing for 06-7-24 Hon. Blaine. K. Bowman: Possible Sanctions against Delmore Greene LLP's Terence Leo Greene.

Court's Records shows a likelihood Defendant Gildred may testify under oath.
Michael Foster is pitted against Philip T. Gildred, (Tom Gildred) an individual and the principal behind Gildred Professional Businesses and The Gildred Family of San Diego in allegations of Trademark infringements, breach of contract, fraud and abusive behavior by Defendant Gildred.

Key points about the case:
  1. Background:
    • In May 2016, Tom and Carolina Gildred approached Foster of Foster's Economical Services 1992 Inc Co., with CASH Deposits of $5,000.00 plus travel expenses to form the "Business Equity Agreement" (BEA) in which Gildred granted Plaintiff 25% lifetime to the survival of each URL in the BEA sold to Gildred to a maximum of two hundred million dollar (https://www.carolinagildred.com/)s.
    • It's alleged Philip T. Gildred Fraudulently misrepresented himself by acting as an individual in Gildred vs Foster.
  2. The Allegations:
    • Defendant Gildred with fraudulent inducement executed The Contract to include business URLS for Delineation unrelated to Gildred v Foster.
    • Tom Gildred, Gildred Companies, FMT Consultants, Gildred Law Group, Gildred Foundation associates and the Gildred family of San Diego, allegedly used their positions and power to influence compulsive harm to Plaintiff's Quality of Life Standards (https://www.carolinagildred.com/). Tom Gildred Defense Law firm is Delmore Greene LLP, Terence Leo Greene.
  3. Legal Context:
    • The civil judicial system can be complex but in this case the Court Granted in full a poor person status. The lawsuit filed on 08-29-23 demands honest answers from Defendant Tom Gildred and his business groups accused in the lawsuit. Pitted primarily against Philip T. Gildred, who is both an individual and the principal behind Gildred Professional Businesses and The Gildred Family of San Diego. In addition to fraudulent transfer of trade secrets found in URLS owned by Foster the case revolves around abusive conduct by defendant Gildred filing false police reports, creating a false Psychiatric Professional Opinion and publishing it, amplifying graphic statements falsely directed at Foster's private parts (https://www.carolinagildred.com/), and falsely asserting Foster impersonated Tom Gildred.
  4. The Bigger Picture:
    • This case highlights an epidemic of abuses by affluent business professionals who allegedly misuse their power to harm others.
    • Judicial intervention becomes necessary when reasonable dialogue fails, especially when dealing with flawed individuals in positions of influence (https://www.carolinagildred.com/).
In summary, Foster vs. Gildred (https://roa.sdcourt.ca.gov/roa/) 37-2023-00038663-CU-CO-CTL case sheds light on the power dynamics between individuals and businesses, emphasizing the need for justice and accountability in our legal system.
Foster is championed by social media hashtag #FostervsGildred "A courageous Whistle Blower against abusive practices by people of power and influence".

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