This Entrepreneur Said that He Lost $13k on YouTube Ads!

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Here is something to think about before running ads on YouTube...

LOS ANGELES - eTradeWire -- Have you ever wondered why you see all types of people advertising on YouTube "skip video ads" but you don't see them long?

In other words, after a couple of weeks, these budding entrepreneurs don't appear on the ads anymore.

Apparently, they join the ranks of the one-campaign YouTube ad runners!

Of course, there are exceptions.

But these exceptions are usually the "online gurus" or entrepreneurs with deep pockets who can afford the YouTube game.

I've read business reports that claim that it takes at least $2,000 to $3,000 to get any kind of real traction going with YouTube (or Facebook).

The gentleman goes into great detail about the lengths he took to create, display, and run the ad on YouTube.

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He then says the following:

"With these adjustments, I was able to significantly lower the cost per conversion for the campaign.

In conclusion, did you break even?

Nope. I lost money.

Many viewers did place an order after seeing the ad, but not enough to justify continuing the campaign. This was true even taking into account the full lifetime value of a customer. While I was not able to make the campaign break even, by tweaking the targeting options I was able to get pretty close.

For now, I have stopped the campaign and will reflect a bit on what went wrong before possibly trying again."

You can read his entire article at the link below:

Jeff Blake

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