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The Wrath of Keez! Keez MC is Back @KEEZMC

NEW YORK - Aug. 1, 2018 - eTradeWire -- Keez MC, is back at it again! This time with a group album featuring the Brother of Keez MC, Da Militia. The new EP is titled Keez MC and Da Militia presents "The Keep It 100 EP" this EP is a four song EP and has three singles out now "Keep it 100", "Doing My Thing" and "The Wrath of Keez" all three singles are doing very well in the major digital stores which is difficult to do in this business since most people prefer streaming over purchasing.

Keez MC's newest single "The Wrath of Keez" has only been out three weeks and already is the top song on Keez MC's Apple music Artist's page along with two other singles "Doing My Thing" and "Keep It 100" is in the four and five spot op songs on his Apple music page as well... so as you can see he's very focused and by the way all three songs are the most popular songs on his Spotify Page. Also, and with a new EP on the way with his brother Da Militia, Keez MC is catching fire at the right time, the album should be dropping around some time in November no date has been set yet, for this EP. Get ready people! If your looking for something different.

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