The Time Has Finally Come - Marshall Barnes Moves To Totally Destroy Ronald Mallett On All Fronts

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After repeated warnings, some say giving Ronald Mallett a chance to save himself, Marshall is ready to launch his "Only Solution", waves of destructive attacks against Mallett's name, character, reputation, work & record, to put a final end his scam.

STORRS, Conn. - eTradeWire -- "I call it the Only Solution, despite what some people may think because of its similarity to something completely different" Marshall explains. "On the contrary, Mallett has forced my hand to do this. He wouldn't give up, even though he knows that he's a fraud, especially when compared to me. That's not even in contention. But he has forced me to remove and destroy the very thing attracting the media attention and that's his scam about being a time travel scientist. He is not. Never was. And because he has insisted on perpetrating this fraud, I have nothing left to do but the total and complete, utter destruction of his name, reputation, character, work and record - to the point there is nothing left. It is the Only Solution."

So says internationally noted temporal scientist and R&D engineer, Marshall Barnes who has bested the world acclaimed Ronald Mallett at every turn and seen his adversary's prominence diminish since Marshall declared war on Mallett and his allies to stop his ability to con the unwary out of money and knowledge of what is really going on in time travel research. It's a war launched in 2015 after Mallett joined forces with Scott J. Cooper of Miami's World Patent Marketing and together schemed to launch a conceptual commodity to fund Mallett's fraudulent time machine scheme - fraudulent because there is no evidence Mallett has ever shown it would overcome the numerous problems Marshall and physicists have cited and which Mallett ignored. Also, because this was done after Mallett admitted it wouldn't work as he originally described, bringing into doubt that he ever understood what he was doing. Yet, Mallett has continued to refer to "his breakthrough" which, in the face of the facts, would be fraud (see ).

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Although Marshall has been keeping his ultimate plans for Mallett secret, one thing is certain, his little promoted move against Mallett's appearing at the SpaceFest conference in Tuscon, Arizona last month was a feint, a move to fool Mallett and his supporters to think that was going to be a major conflict when it was little more than a probing move.

"I like military strategy," Marshall says. "I love it in fact. The Spacefest probe was a test and nothing more. This is what I got from - I rattled Mallett's confidence by letting him know that I'm still after him and will go as far as interfering with him getting events. It was to expose just how far his con artist skills can go - which were impressive because he got the woman behind Spacefest to admit on the record that she still wanted him to speak even though she knew that he was there to potentially defraud the rich members of the audience. Also, by admitting that she had read my email, she knew that there has been established absolutely zero credibility to his time travel theory, despite the fact that he quotes and references Einstein - as if that really matters. Anyone touting Mallett's time travel accomplishments, at this juncture, is only proving what a ill informed, inept moron they are for defending something that they're too clueless to comprehend. By getting Sally Poor, the woman's name, to keep him on as a speaker, it proved how evil Mallett is at the heart because now she can be made to look stupid hence forth, for having him - despite the fact that she was warned there would be consequences because Mallett is a lying fraud."

(The World Patent Marketing video that Scott Cooper and Ronald Mallett promoted, breaking Florida law because it's filled with lies and misrepresentations which

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were going to be used to bilk investors out as much as $500 million or more.)

Marshall remarks that his feint caused Mallett to reveal himself in an unfavorable light, thus making the brutal retribution coming look even more justified, leaving no doubt  Ronald Mallett is a lying, self-serving monster that has to have every shred of credibility completely exposed as the lie that it is and totally destroyed. The Only Solution, indeed.

"I'm not alone in this," Marshall remarked. "There are others, knowingly involved, unwittingly involved and involved for other reasons or their own reasons. But one thing is certain - the destruction of Ronald Mallett's time travel career will be historic, brutal beyond belief, and total. Nearly all of the pieces are in place and when they are, they will power the mighty engine of his career's destruction, driven by the battle host I have raised for this very purpose."

Marshall is not completely without mercy. He has reached out to the Dr. Phil TV program in an attempt to get Dr. Phil to invite Mallett on the show in order to resolve the psychological issues that have driven Mallett to this end. Mallett has never gotten his depression properly treated, a condition that he's had since a boy when his father died. A condition that he admits ruined his first marriage.

"I have no doubt there is a greater than zero chance that Mallett will become a danger to himself, once the Only Solution begins in earnest. I wish to avoid that if possible and believe that Dr. Phil would be a fitting solution to that end."

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