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The Three Aspects of Martial Arts Training

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Training is essential on the journey to becoming a martial arts master.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - eTradeWire -- There are three aspects to physical training in budo: learning new techniques, mastering the techniques you know, and applying the techniques in action. All three aspects are critical if you want to become a really good martial artist.

Because you come to a new art with no knowledge, the early part of your martial arts career will be mostly filled with learning new techniques. The excitement and interest of constantly learning new things may get many students addicted to learning new techniques. If they don't manage to move past this addiction, they will never become accomplished martial artists. In fact, learning new techniques is the smallest part of the career of a true martial arts master.

In the traditional martial arts, we don't really believe in the idea that a person can truly "master" a technique or an art. Instead, we believe that becoming great at martial arts is a lifetime's commitment, and that we must constantly revisit the techniques we know to try to deepen our understanding of them.

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Once we have achieved some degree of understanding of our martial arts skills, we can apply them in action. In judo, this is done in randori (free practice), in karate-do we engage in kumite (sparring), in iaido, we simply repeat our forms again and again, seeking to deepen our ability to focus on and execute the detailed form requirements. Through this application, we learn what works well and what needs more work.

Looking to gain knowledge from a martial arts industry association (https://www.smaa-hq.com/articles/article/three-aspects-of-training-martial-arts-industry-association)?

The Shudokan Martial Arts Association is an international martial arts association that has members in many different countries and close connections to Japan. We're a small, fraternal organization with a decidedly noncommercial outlook on modern budo and koryu bujutsu. That's why our two membership options are only $25 and $30 a year. When you become an associate member ($25), you'll receive an associate member certificate, our quarterly journal, e-mail newsletters, and discounts at SMAA events. Full members ($30) receive all this and the ability to rank and receiving teaching titles.

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Immerse yourself in the martial arts community! Join the SMAA today!

About Shudokan Martial Arts Association: SMAA was founded in January 1994 by a group of martial artists who were concerned with promoting and safeguarding Nihon budo and koryu bujutsu--the traditional martial arts and ways of Japan. SMAA is a non-profit that aims keep the spirit of traditional budo alive in the West. Anyone can become a member, even if you aren't a martial artist, and SMAA members are from multiple countries across the globe.

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Source: Shudokan Martial Arts Association
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