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The Rise Of The Glory Of Blackness From The Return Of The Akwa Nishi Of Old Alkemi

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Kmt sekhem infinite mind, infinite energy, and infinite power

MESA, Ariz. - eTradeWire -- Paa Neteru atha paa qemam-taat wu abaat shil paa paut

The 46 dynasties of Ancient Egypt were of the people of Sumer, and Semites. They were of the transition from magnesium molecule into iron molecule based blood. (Genesis Chapter 4). The pure blood of predynastic Ancient Egypt were of the Akwa Nishi. These violet people were the glory of blackness.

After the marker of 400 years, and the lunar eclipse of January 2020; the glory of blackness began to rise again with the rebirth of The Holy Temple Of Knowledge Of Ra in the western horizon.

As the sun set in the month of Septem in this year of 21 at 8:54 PM. The Nun ceremony of the renewal of The Holy Temple Of Knowledge Of Ra was born. 8+9=17 1+7= 8 for the supreme star of Asar-Usir-Osiris.

The sign or signal of Septem 2017 in the celestial sky was a woman in her glory surrounded by the light of the sun. (Revelation chapter 12). This was the start of the rise of blackness.

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The sacred ritual Wapwawet Shil Ah Nun Re was performed by Hati Imiut Atum. Pyramid, and Coffin Texts says," Re-Atum he who emerges from the eastern horizon, and rests in the western horizon"


In the words of Barack Obama," people are afraid of the loss of things that they cherish as well as their particular identities, race, and tribe."

According to Discover Magazine's Michael McRae, "A historian from Ancient Greece called Diodorus Sicilia stated in one of his ledgers that Nubia is the original home of Aethiopies now called Egyptians. They are the dark face ones. First born, and stood closest to the sun."


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Egyptian Royalty Image by:Adrian Chan-Wyles (PhD) CCA License

Kemetian Church Of Krsts

Source: The Holy Temple Of Knowledge Of Ra
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