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The Power of On-Topic Breaking News Traffic is Made Available to The Common Internet Marketer

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Until recently, breaking news could only be found on major news websites bringing in millions of website visitors to read the latest news. Automation expert Rick Kirkham didn't like that idea. So he did something about it....

HONOLULU - eTradeWire -- "I got online in the 90s when the internet was supposed to give the small business owner a chance to compete with big companies.", said Mr. Kirkham. "I guess I kept that philosophy that if an international company can do something online, why can't a small business owner? Heck, technically the internet makes all of us international business owners."

"I love automation probably because of my ADHD"

Mr. Kirkham shared. "My brain flits from one thing to another so I may have four or five projects going on at the same time. The only way to keep up with that is to automate as much as I possibly can."

Which brings us to Rick Kirkham's Breaking News Online Service

Mr. Kirkham learned PHP, a powerful server-side scripting on his own. He reverse-engineered a program a friend wrote for him to make him an affiliate automatically of a well known affiliate management company's affiliate products. He edited the program and finally rewrote the whole thing. Later Mr. Kirkham realized people go to websites for information, while they're there, they may buy something or click a link that gets him paid for his efforts.

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What started out as maybe 400 lines of code is now in the thousands

NOW, it can generate an entire website of monetized, on-topic, breaking news. Index page and all. Each breaking news story generates its own web page and is listed on the index page. Each webpage has four different places to monetize the webpage, including a title addon feature to link back to your primary website page to help increase your search engine ranking.

"It's a real game changer"

"If other people's results are anywhere near my own, I have helped the world.", said Mr. Kirkham.

Contact Information and Website

J. Richard Kirkham B,Sc.
Primary email address ComputerHelp808@gmail.com
Information page for Rick Kirkham's Breaking News Online Service https://increasesales.info/twittertraffic/

Media Contact
Rick Kirkham of IncreaseSales.info

Source: Rick Kirkham of IncreaseSales.info
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