The Personalised Christmas Gift That Would Not Get Thrown To The Side

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Don't Spend Money On Christmas Gifts Until You Have Read This.

LAUREL, Md. - eTradeWire -- The season of giving is here!  We are in the holiday season and searching for the right gifts may be hard. The times we are in now makes us want to appreciate those who we love the most. It is hard sometimes to find a gift that a person may disregard. Besides, the fact that you spend your hard earned money on a gift you ultimately want the person who is receiving the gift to actually appreciate that gift.  Kia Bizzelle, Founder and CEO of KisImaniAccesories shares `` A personalized gift is a great way to show someone how much you care". She discovered three main reasons someone's Christmas gift may get put-aside to the side.
  1. The Person Simply Doesn't Like The Gift. Ouch, I know that is hard to hear but it is  the truth. Most people won't tell you that they don't like your gift even if they said they did. Not because they wanted to lie to you but because they simply do not want to hurt your feelings. We all do it but understand that gift giving is hard especially when you don't know what a person has already.
  2. The Person Already Has That Gift. Hey let's face it, at some point we all end up gifting someone a gift that they already have. It's a common mistake that everyone experiences. This happens because while we are surprising the person who is receiving the gift we automatically temporarily place ourselves in their shoes.
  3. The Gift Wasn't Thoughtful. It's not hard to tell when someone gives you a gift at the last minute. It's not necessarily the quality that gives away that the gift is last minute, it is the thought.  A thoughtful gift is the result of deep thought of the recipient and what would make him or her happy, not what makes the gift giver happy. Although it's the thought that counts, it is up to the person who is giving the gift to reflect on the recipient's passion, love, hobbies, and their values.
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