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The Newest US Navy Challenge Coins To Set Sail

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Inspired by the game World Of Warships comes some of the most original US Navy challenge coins to see action.

HONOLULU - eTradeWire -- World War 2 may have witnessed the largest United States Navy fleet at water or had serving within it the most battleships, aircraft carriers and US Navy destroyers serving than at any time in its previous history. The incredible size of the guns from the 16 inch barrels of a mighty US Navy battleships to the first ever aircraft carrier engagements with fights taking place over the horizon were first witnessed in WW2. America's "Greatest Generation" served aboard these United States Navy warships as Boatswain's Mates, Gunner's Mates, Hospital Corpsman and the many other incredibly important rates served aboard these incredible warships. Many of the most famous of warship names came out of WW2 due to their roles, their incredible fortitude and their almost uncanny nature of surviving when the odds were stacked up against them. Names like the USS Enterprise, USS Hornet, USS Missouri, USS The Sullivans, USS Nautilus, USS Iowa, USS Lexington, USS Yorktown, USS Alabama are just a very short list of the amazing ships that sailed for freedom during the 2nd World War. From Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Harbor!

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In its 75th Anniversary of World War Two these famous ships set sail one more time in rare challenge coin form with some of the most incredible details to be seen on a US Navy challenge coin in generations. Inspired by the men and women of the US Navy, both past and present they are honored. Current successful video games such as World Of Warships even inspired these ships to arrive at port with fascinating art and military design respecting these dreadnaughts. NavyCrow.Com is very proud to have designed and offer exclusively these US Navy World Of Warships World War 2 challenge coins found at https://navycrow.com/product-category/us-navy-challenge-coins/warships-of-world-war-2-challenge-coins/

As a proud supporter of the United States trademark and licensing offices, a percentage of each sale is sent to their offices in support of their MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) programs which we are proud to be a part of. The designs produced by Naycrow.Com have been all over the world and it is something they are proud to have accomplished.

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If you are interested in receiving a quote on custom challenge coins send them an email us at hq@navycrow.com and check out many of their past designs on their YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/c/Vision-strike-wear/vi...) channel. As a leading military designer for the United States military they would be honored to work directly with you, your military unit or command and help with your successful fundraising campaigns.

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