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The new Prime Minister's ten conundrums

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Key issues facing the successful candidate for the United Kingdom's prime ministership

FORMBY, U.K. - eTradeWire -- In an article published today David Fellows examines ten of the key challenges awaiting the UK's new PM, some are already in play and some remain largely unspoken.

Cabinet Choices Will the new PM bring in people who are good at learning, have interesting ideas, knowledge, drive, practical insight and of course a collegiate mindset and a willingness to help others integrate and develop?

Strategy & Delivery What radical views are likely on deregulation, service efficiencies and service reductions?

Growth & Innovation As a rule, we expect tax reductions or public service investment to benefit people and firms in the UK when the benefits may accrue abroad more than we expect. Who is keeping the score and thinking through the results?

Resilience & Trade We need clarity about how growth is to be created and how the state may help or hinder a successful outcome. Are we too timid to consider the state influence in this field?

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Tax Cuts & Modelling Spending pressures abound, borrowing brings additional problems. So what economic stress, deficit, debt burden and risk we are walking towards? What are the tolerances for growth envisaged in the various economic models, are they all reassuring?

Health There are some very good health systems no more expensive than our own, some less expensive. Ours is not amongst the best by any means and is on the verge of breaking the state politically and financially. Are we bold enough to explore new models of health care and use them both to improve health care and drive growth?

Housing Targets & Birth rate There seems to be agreement on abandoning targets. The result: a rapidly declining birth rate. Is that a sustainable policy?

Regions v Greater South East Levelling up opportunity for future generations through economic growth is the only game for the regions. Will government ever be prepared to accept such an anti-establishment path?

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Boris the Good v Boris the Bad With the right support he was probably unbeatable. Prospective PMs really do need to think hard about creating a functioning government that compensates for their own shortcomings.

So It is tempting to assume that neglecting hard problems and hard truths is inevitable, as is making false promises. Can our next PM plot a different course?

The article can be found on the PFMConnect blog site at: https://blog-pfmconnect.com/the-new-pms-ten-conundrums/ (https://blog-pfmconnect.com/?p=4048).

Note: David Fellows began his career in UK local government where he became President of the Society of Municipal Treasurers and a pioneer of digital government. He followed this with appointments in the UK Cabinet Office and the National Treasury of South Africa. He is a Director of PFMConnect.

David Fellows

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