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The Celestial Question Mark: As A Messaging Moon, And The Kingly Lion

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In the next few days,the Milky Way galaxy will ask in heaven, " Who is the celestial king of kings?"

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According to Graham Hancock, reported by Goro Adachi: "The ancient Egyptians called Mars 'Horus of the Horizon' (Horakhti), which was the very same name given to the Great Sphinx. Mars was also called 'Horus the Red' (Hor Dshr), and for a long time the Sphinx was painted red. Just as the Great Sphinx is the hybrid of man, and a lion, in ancient Hindu myths Mars is Nr-Simha, the 'Man-Lion'. The term 'pyramid' derives from the Greek term pyr meaning 'fire', as in Mars the 'fire planet'. (Mars is often referred to as pyroeis in Greek.)"

In the ancient ledgers of Alkemi, it was spoken of a deity as two lions A term that was labeled as Rwty or rw-ty. The ancient order of the felines called this deity Atum or Tem-Ruti.

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According to the sun dial of prehistory, in the time of 10,800 B.C.E. the golden age of  Leo began. On December 21st, 2012 the planet Ta now called Earth rose out of the age of Pisces, and entered in the age of Leo.  On the spring equinox of 2018 the celestial lion, and the stone lion rose with the eastern aket. The ledgers of Annu now called Heliopolis revealed that the highest Egyptian feline creator Atum as a lion deity represents strength, courage, power, and rulership. He was the first of the blue beings of the deities of Nun. His face resembles a lion. The ancient scroll of Coming Forth By Day proclaimed that Atum is the holy spirit lifeforce of the Nun, the essence of all light Re or Ra, and the manifester of all forms of matter Asar-Osiris. The ibis bird a symbol of the deity Tehuti also known as Michael the arc Angel. The spirit of the ibis bird has been recorded to have the ability to survive in some of the direst circumstances. In ancient ledgers of Ancient Alkemi now called Egypt, this spirit ba bird protected the country from plagues, and dangerous serpents. As the celestial spiritual being Michael is recorded to do in the book of Daniel chapter 12 of the book called Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. (Bible)

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Is Atum the Lion Of huda, Yehuda, Yahudi, or Yahuda?

"135: Your arm is that of Atum, your shoulders are those of Atum, your belly is that of Atum ... the master of the lion helmet (the deity of the striking power)" - Pyramid Texts


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Kemetian Church Of Krsts

Source: The Holy Temple Of Knowledge Of Ra
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