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Texas State Student Miles Skonberg Takes Center Stage as the Winner of TKP Design Competition

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SAN MARCOS, Texas - eTradeWire -- Remember the name Miles Skonberg, because this young talent is making waves in the world of design and art. Miles Skonberg, a junior pursuing his BFA in communication design at Texas State University, has emerged as the stellar overall winner of The Kingdom Press (TKP) inaugural design competition.

Miles Skonberg's journey into the world of design began long before he arrived at Texas State. He shared, "I've been drawing pretty much since I could remember. The first time I remember myself wanting to draw was when I was 3 years old during a trip to New York City with my parents and grandparents. We visited an art museum, and I remember thinking, 'I want to do this.' My mom even had a little blog where she would post my drawings as a kid." This early fascination with art eventually led him to explore graphic design.

Miles pursued a Communication Design major at Texas State, essentially focusing on graphic design. He has been actively involved in creating graphics for the university's student center and designing t-shirts for school events. He explained his passion for design, saying, "I really like making things that convey a specific message; I think it's really interesting."

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Miles Skonberg's talent and creativity truly shine in his original design for "Freshman Year Bucket List." Describing his design process, he said, "It's about a girl torn between two parts of herself, fashion, and the medical field. I brainstormed the overlaps between fashion and the medical field and tried to combine them seamlessly. I thought about needles – sewing needles and medical needles. I made her sewing the two parts of herself together with a spool of thread and an actual medical needle in the other hand. I knew I didn't want her to be too specific, so I cropped out her face."

Speaking about his dreams for the future, Miles has two distinct career aspirations. He shared, "I have two big dreams – the first one is doing tattoos. I've been super interested in being a tattoo artist for a while now. Ideally, I would also love to work in print media. I love logo design, typography, and doing publications. Designing movie posters, concert posters, or even an album cover for a music artist would be a real dream project."

"Freshman Year Bucket List" is currently on an exclusive release period in select international countries and is available domestically for universities, organizations, and superfans who can secure an early release copy at www.freshmanyearbucketlist.com.

Miles Skonberg's remarkable talent and passion for design are undeniable, and his future in the world of art and design looks incredibly promising. Keep an eye on this rising star – you won't want to miss what he creates next.

Source: The Kingdom Press
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