TEEF! Donates $1,000 to Humane Society

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On Monday, July 22nd, TEEF! will be donating and presenting a $1,000 check to Animal Humane Society as part of their give back program.

MINNEAPOLIS - eTradeWire -- Since launching in spring of 2019, TEEF! has had great success bringing their innovative dog dental care product to the market. Not only does this company feel passionate about solving the problem of bad breath and dental disease, but TEEF! believes in the power of giving back too! On Monday, July 22nd, TEEF! will be donating and presenting a $1,000 check to Animal Humane Society as part of their give back program. https://www.animalhumanesociety.org

"We are honored and extremely grateful for TEEF! and their generous donation to our organization to help animals in need," expresses Breanna Willman,Corporate Partnership Manager, "We admire their dedication to educating pet families on the importance of proper dental care (especially for senior dogs). It's well known that caring for your pet's teeth can help prevent other medical issues as well."

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Bad breath is a cry for health. It's the first sign of dental disease, which can shorten a dog's lifespan by 1/3. Primal Health, LLC is a life sciences company that has recently launched their pet dental care brand, TEEF!™, to target the root cause of it all - bad bacteria.

TEEF!'s patented formula, Protektin™, is powered by science that's been clinically proven to stop bacteria from causing dental disease in both humans (tested for 8 years) and dogs (tested for 4 years). They use only100% safe, concentrated ingredients that naturally function like a molecular toothbrush when added to drinking water. It's a low-calorie, mess-free, hassle free, human-grade water additive that cleans your pet's mouth every time they drink.

This plant-derived prebiotic technology differs from current approaches that only mask the symptoms of dental disease or endanger the health of their users. TEEF! actually targets the root cause where they do the most damage, below the gum line.

TEEF!™ is a labor of love that Dr. Emily Stein originally developed to help her own grandmother maintain better daily dental hygiene. After she saw similar life-threatening health issues in her senior rescue pup, Tinzley, she knew she needed to create a version for furry companions, too. Her extensive background in microbiology and immunology and rheumatology, combined with her passion to improve the health of her best friends, created the "perfect storm" for innovation that can improve millions of lives every year. Learn more about TEEF! at: https://www.teefhealth.com/.

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