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takeotama.com: "Major website revisions now testing, live!"

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Takeo Tama Music-entertainment launches website enhancements for 2023+

AUSTIN, Texas - eTradeWire -- In the last 72-hours, the Takeo Tama website has executed its major-updates for 2023. Included among these major improvements are access, reliability, and speed upgrades which keep the platform from requiring visitors to register for the site's ecosystem, keeping the environment intact to not require logins for visitors contributions or interactions.

"All major website revisions are now testing, live," Takeo Tama executives explained, "We've worked hard to keep the website more like an ever changing interactive brochure, ditching the requirement for users to register or login into our systems with credentials that quite frankly, aren't necessary if a person choses to enjoy our audio presentations and similar."

"When people visit most venues, sure, the ticketing masters and related will collect emails, phone numbers and all that but for us, who are considered content creators and publishers by the industry majorities, we've probably been in the most comfortable place ever known since the invention of self service distribution of music, films, and games."

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"Many have looked at us as stupid or amiss of large opportunities because we don't want to make the audience members feel enslaved or infringed upon, just to get what they wanted all along which was a song for their preferred app or device."

"Little known to our peers, people do access our VIP offerings, and people do come and interact at our blogs and sites, even as far as foregoing their pre logged in statuses on networks like YouTube to come and comment at our zones."

"Freedom. Freedoms that truly costs nothing on a website that tells you, yes, we're a label run by our primary artists, uninterested in gimmicking or tricking you into anything."

"Something is correct?"

Audiences may come and interact via:


About Takeo Tama:

Takeo Tama is a "Music" focused entertainment creator, offering a variety of Songs spanning many styles including Classical, Electro, Pop, Rock, and 8/16-Bit (a.k.a. Chiptune).

Media Contact
Kuneo Koei
+1 (224)600-5608

Source: Koei • Tama

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