SuperCloud News: "Fuzzing" is a Thing, MSFT is Open Source's BFF, $14B in "Wasted" Cloud + more

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NEW YORK - Feb. 9, 2019 - eTradeWire -- "Automation will become the tip of the digital transformation spear..." That's great, but the big question might be: What direction is the spear headed? We can very easily picture a world (because it is already happening now) where our machines are forced to make real-time and unassisted decisions. Hopefully, this automation only "displaces" jobs, and allows us to spend less time on tenuous tasks, innovate new ideas, as well as create new jobs.

We all know that information technology in the "SuperCloud" is moving fleetly, and you need to stay informed. Luckily, you don't have to spend all day surfing because The SuperCloud Newsletter (from ResonLogic) highlights the latest news related to cloud computing, web services, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, developers, code, containers, applications, data migration, software, data centers and networks.

The week's highlighted blurbs include:

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• Microsoft is now FULL ON Open-Source friendly
• FaaS: The Good, Bad and the Ugly
• Come Comrades... Join the Coding Collective!
• 72% of Companies are Failing to Forge a "Data Culture"
• "Fuzzing" is a thing... (and it is now Open Source)
• Wasted Cloud Spend will Exceed $14B in 2019
• The size of the "Colocation" Data Center Market might surprise You
• Is the IT World ready for No-Code Microservices Platforms?
• Crossbreed Cloud is Adapting to the Dynamic Needs of Customers

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