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Suboxone Doctors Turn to Ketamine Therapy For Dual Diagnosis Treatment

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Restore Health KY, INC is an Intensive Outpatient Program in Lexington, KY that is reaching out to Suboxone Doctors and Ketamine Therapy Doctors for help with Dual Diagnosis that is on the rise. Depression and Addiction go hand in hand.

VERSAILLES, Ky. - eTradeWire -- Suboxone treatment or medication-assisted treatment is now considered the new Gold Standard for treating opiate addiction. However, what are the Suboxone doctors going to do about the increasing rates of depression that are not being addressed in MAT Clinics? Most of the Suboxone Clinics utilize APRN's for suboxone treatment appointments either online through telehealth / telemedicine services or in person. These qualified nurses may be able to prescribe Suboxone under their DEAx however, most suboxone clinics prefer to refer out to psychiatrists when it comes to depression, anxiety, sleeping issues and other mental health concerns that accompany addiction and alcoholism. Restore Health KY, INC has chosen not to prescribe Suboxone or Ketamine through in house doctors but to develop relationships within the community with Suboxone Doctors, Ketamine Therapy Doctors and religious institutions or organizations. The leadership team believe there are too many barriers with the current model, They believe the current model is resulting in a lack of treatment services and quality of care. One hand not knowing what the other hand is doing is never effective. They do not believe you can compartmentalize addiction treatment and then do the same for mental health rehabilitation services and expect them to some how merge and fit together. The patient or as Restore refers to them, the participants are the only ones that suffer and the doctors and the clinicians are the ones who feel the stress, sense the frustration and are handcuffed, unable to make any real progress with their participants. By collaborating with Ketamine Therapy USA https://ketaminetherapyusa.com Restore participants have access to  fully holistic healing doctors and clinics in Lexington along with top rated Ketamine Therapy specialists. Participants can meet with suboxone doctors, psychiatrists and attend support groups after their Ketamine Therapy or Suboxone Treatment sessions. For more information about Suboxone Doctors in Lexington, KY, please visit https://restorehealthky.com

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