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Start a Chat with Your Phone's Camera

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FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. - eTradeWire -- Grab your phone and scan the code next to the logo above to start chatting live.

Who needs security when you have privacy? i.e. when you don't give your personal details away in the first place

With articles regarding corporate misuse of apps, backdoor access to user data, stealing clipboard content, now there's a chat that's taking the opposite approach: no downloads onto your personal device, no need to share personal details. The lightweight '8Bit Chat' is making waves.

8Bit Chat is a simple group chat platform that brings people together through text.

The system allows channel administrators to create and engage anyone through a QR scan without exchanging personal information from the participants.

Since 8Bit Chat is a web app there's no granting of permissions to the app to operate, so device data is unobtainable by the 8Bit Chat platform. 8Bit Chat revives the old-school, no fluff chat for today's environment.

8Bit Chat enables proximity chat without the cumbersomeness of (a) participants checking with one another which app they all have already downloaded and use on their respective mobile phones, then (b) exchanging phone numbers, and (c) creating contacts. 8Bit Chat has removed those hurdles, getting you right to the conversation.

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Many of the big-name share-and-chat platforms obtain personal data; for instance, a recent Forbes article wrote, "Apple claims it has caught TikTok using clipboard capture mechanisms to spy on millions of users." [source: Forbes1]

Why 8Bit Chat? Why Now?
– No downloads
– No participant registration or activation
– No obtaining personal data
– No spyware
– and Chat with 6' of separation

Grab your phone and scan the code next to the logo above to start chatting live, and experience 8Bit Chat.

About 8Bit Chat
8Bit Chat
has been developed by two highly competitive developers looking to provide simple, lightweight applications for the new norm.

Check out http://8bitchat.com

1source: Dans, Enrique. "TikTok: Beneath Its Fun Exterior Lies A Sinister Purpose" Forbes June 28, 2020.

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