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PROVIDENCE, R.I. - eTradeWire -- Knobull, Inc. was launched in 2015, and President and creator Lynn Bentley knew he was up against it from the start.

By that stage, Google had already cemented itself as a mainstay and was quickly building. But Bentley and others began to be concerned with the seeming belligerence with which user data was being acquired and distributed. Indeed, that worry has spread to the wider populace in recent years. He also believe that a new Research Engine that doesn't track users with Learning Center niche could be created where students would be the primary users! This Center includes student news, instant answers, academic resources, blog pages and private message board where students can collaborate with fellow students and experts!

In order to get their name out there, Bentley is undertaking a huge task: he and his marketing team launched a gorilla social media marketing campaign which is attracting student users. The theme being promoted is: Go to the spot, created by students for students, with one stop shop for all student needs.

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This is capturing attention, and the company's user base and philosophy has begun to balloon.

A bold strategy has led the Company down this path in recent years, where firms like Knobull are expected to go from obscure corners of the interweb to front and center of a growing Mobile Social Media Market.

Big firms with easy access to personal information, like Facebook, Amazon, Google, have been hitting headlines for finding more and more concerning ways of using that data for profit. They sell what they learn about users through their shopping, sharing and searching habits to big data companies.

In an interview last week with The Washington Post (https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2019/03/15/facebook-google-other-big-tech-giants-are-about-face-reckoning-state-attorneys-general-warn/?utm_term=.9c1a93b48458), Louisiana Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry said: "I think what we've found is that big tech has become too big, and that while we may have been asleep at the wheel, they were able to consolidate a tremendous amount of power." That sentiment is no surprise considering Google was found to track user locations even when that option was disabled by the user (https://www.dailydot.com/debug/google-location-data-tracking/).

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How does this lead to a news flash about what Knobull is all about. Basically, you don't have one without the other. Knobull was created precisely to combat the likes of what has been discovered about the big data market.

It's not to say everything Google and the rest do is bad. They have managed to build an unparalleled business capacity that puts just about any information we could want just a few taps of the keyboard away. But with that power comes a great responsibility, and to date, it doesn't seem that responsibility is being met.

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