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Special Interests Block Patients' Bill of Rights in Oklahoma Senate

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Legislation Aimed at Safeguarding Patient Rights Denied Hearing By Senate Leadership Due to Influence of Hospital Association and Other Special Interests

OKLAHOMA CITY - eTradeWire -- In a stunning display of special interest influence over the legislative process, the Oklahoma Senate has refused to hear House Bill 1013, known as the Lori Brand Patient Bill of Rights Act of 2023. This bill, which aims to safeguard patients' rights in medical facilities, passed the House unanimously with a vote of 94-0 but was subsequently blocked in the Senate.

The Influence of Special Interests

Senator Jessica Garvin revealed that the Hospital Association, a significant donor to many state senators, opposed the bill, leading to its blockage. This incident underscores the disproportionate influence special interest groups hold over elected officials, often overshadowing the needs and rights of constituents.

The Human Cost

Lori Brand's family, residents of Oklahoma City, experienced firsthand the devastating impact of the lack of patient rights during Lori's hospitalization amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Her family faced severe restrictions, a lack of transparency, and challenges in communication with medical staff, highlighting the urgent need for legislative reform.

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Charles Key's Perspective

Charles Key, author and advocate for open government, explores this issue in his latest article, "Failure of Leadership: The Denial of the Patients' Bill of Rights in Oklahoma." Key delves into the planning and execution of the bill, the motivations behind its blockage, and the real human consequences of legislative inaction.

Call to Action

Key urges the public to read the full article to understand the implications of this legislative failure and to support efforts to advocate for patient rights and transparency in healthcare.

Read the Full Article Here

About Charles Key

Charles Key is an former Oklahoma State Representative, author, and public speaker dedicated to advocating for transparency, accountability, and open government. His works include "Stolen Government" and "The Final Report on the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building," which explore issues of political corruption and the impact of special interests.

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Charles Key

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