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Sous Vide Cooking Using a Temperature Data Logger

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CLEVELAND - eTradeWire -- Perfecting Food Temperatures with a Grant Squirrel SQ16 Logger

CAS DataLoggers supplied a temperature monitoring solution for a caterer using sous vide cooking. This method cooks food in vacuum-sealed pouches at low, controlled temps for extra-tender meat and crisp veggies. The pouches are placed in a water bath for gradual cooking, resulting in evenly cooked, juicy food.

Sous vide is a demanding cooking process that requires accurate equipment to monitor food temperature. Health and safety are crucial due to low cooking temperatures. Cooking times vary based on food size and shape. Some chefs use data loggers to monitor the process.

CAS DataLoggers recommended Grant Squirrel SQ16 Data Logger to monitor the sous vide process in real-time. The data logger has 8 input channels for different sensors including Type T and Type K thermocouple probes. Staff uses Type T probes to cook food evenly in a water bath and then chills pouches in the refrigerator.

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After placing the food within the vacuum pouches, the chef fixes foam tape to the top of each bag and sticks the needle probe through the foam into the thickest part of the meat. This way, the pouches retain their seal, and the food cooks while the thermocouple probes log the core temperature of the meat. Using the Grant logger, it's easy to monitor 2-3 pouches at a time during large orders and the wedding season.

The portable, lightweight data logger allows chefs to monitor food temperature in different baths. It operates on a standalone battery and can be left on the countertop for days. Staff can set it up to start at a specific time and it has plenty of storage space. The logger has Bluetooth and a mobile app for temperature monitoring. It includes SquirrelView software for easy setup and data analysis on a PC. The user-friendly interface allows quick setup, downloads, and data presentation in various formats for real-time or historical analysis.

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The Grant data logger is easy to use and helps ensure that the caterer's product is high-quality. The supplied thermocouples are inexpensive and simple for staff to place into the pouches, while the logger is also ideal for providing health and safety assurances to regulators that the meat was cooked properly and free of health risks. Along with the logger and temperature probes, CAS DataLoggers also provided their catering business with free technical support so they could get up and running with their application.

For more information on Grant Data Loggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS DataLogger Application Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit us at https://www.dataloggerinc.com.

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