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Skateboarding: From Fringe to Olympic Sport

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Scottsdale-based skateboard company Red Panda Boards is promoting balance, joy, and life through art and skateboarding, now an Olympic sport.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - eTradeWire -- Focusing on creating great skateboards, with human-centered, non-A.I. art, Red Panda Skateboards is a family-owned, family-run business, launched in Scottsdale, Arizona.

"I started Red Panda Boards with the hopes of providing great art on quality skateboard decks," says Red Panda Boards founder Chris Dalton. "I am interested in celebrating the joy of life and skating while giving the skate community a different look and feel to the decks."

With almost twenty designs released, the foundation of Red Panda Boards is a love for people and nature. The original designs were Red pandas and Snow Leopards.

"We started with endangered animals," Chris says, "because we are supposed to be stewarding this earth, taking care of God's creation. These are some cool-looking animals. They fit the style we wanted to establish."

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But they haven't stayed there design-wise.

"We are expanding our horizons to address a range of social and cultural issues close to our hearts," Chris elaborates. "We're also introducing designs inspired by video game art, manga art, and other styles that resonate with kids, teenagers, and adults alike, making our decks inclusive and appealing to a diverse audience."

Red Panda Boards is not just about skateboarding. It's about making a difference. By shedding light on endangered animals and pressing social issues, we aim to impact it's through a "port that is rapidly gaining popularity" ty and expand "Its fan base.

"Skating is no longer a fringe sport," Chris says. "It's an Olympic-level sport with a massive, worldwide following. It's an amazing sport that combines athletic ability, determination, resilience, and a love of art. No other sport combines all of these into one."

Visit Red Panda Boards online at https://redpandaboards.com.

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