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Single Operated Newsletter - How to Sell Without Picking Up A Phone Because

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Converting website visitors into customers is the dream. But is it real?...

LOS ANGELES - eTradeWire -- People are spending a lot of time and money trying to get Google visitors to their website.

But then what?

Everyone was initially excited about advertising on Facebook because "everybody" is there.

But the advertising rates have soared through the roof!

It is almost impossible for the "newbie" to gain traction there (unless they can spend $10 or more per click).

The truth is that when someone has an urgent problem they don't search for solutions on Facebook (or Instagram)!

They start their search with Google or YouTube.

In our Single Operated Newsletter, we reveal how to increase visitor conversion based on these proven insights.

1) Your offering should tackle a real problem (hint: these problems are usually in the Health, Wealth, or Relationship (Love) categories).

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2) Keep the article or video short (yes, this flies in the face of conventional wisdom).

3) STOP trying to "book a call". For heaven's sake, people aren't stupid! They know, despite what you say to the contrary, your "high ticket" salesperson is just itching to get their hooks in 'em.

Instead, make the facts, data, and insights so compelling that the visitor wants to take a closer look! (Yeah, no one is teaching this either).

Want to discover why our subscribers pay good money to learn these insights (and many more each week)?

Now you can get our Single Operated Newsletter when you join AffiliateMuse.Com at no additional cost.

Click the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page.



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