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Single Mom Turns Legal Struggles into Successful Business

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GREENSBORO, N.C. - eTradeWire -- Amanda Stowe, a 39-year-old single mother, has transformed her challenging experiences into a thriving business. With 20 years of experience as a database developer, she now runs a company that creates custom database systems for law firms in the Triad area.

In 2019, Amanda faced a grueling four-year child custody battle. "It was the hardest time of my life," she recalls. "I lost everything fighting for what I thought was right, but I quickly realized that the justice system didn't care about our children or what was right. When I spoke up, I was silenced and jailed."

This experience left her with a criminal record, making it impossible to find work in her field. Previously, Amanda worked as a contractor for Fortune 500 companies, earning a six-figure salary. But after her legal ordeal, she couldn't find employment.

After nearly two years of job hunting with no success, Amanda decided to turn her side business into a full-time venture. She had been developing databases for small businesses alongside her contracting work for 10 years.

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"Dealing with the legal system, I saw firsthand the massive amount of paperwork involved," Amanda says. "I used to drag a suitcase full of documents to court. With my experience in handling large volumes of data, I knew I could provide a solution."

Amanda began developing a document management system for lawyers. Her system helps attorneys and law firms digitize, organize, and catalog their case files.

"When I read that Guilford County was digitizing their court documents, I thought, 'Finally! It's about time!' But then I realized that many attorneys I knew were still using paper. I knew I could help them transition to digital."

Amanda's custom document management systems are unique. The first key factor is customization. "No two systems are the same," she explains. "I create systems tailored to each client's needs. I believe software should cater to the business, not the other way around. I meet with clients to understand what will best streamline and enhance their business, and then I develop that."

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Secondly, her systems are developed quickly. "I worked on million-dollar projects where the software took 18 months to develop and was obsolete by the time it was finished," she says. "I always deliver the minimum viable product within 30 days, allowing clients to start using it and provide feedback. This ensures the lowest cost and fastest turnaround."

Thirdly, Amanda emphasizes security. "I never handle my clients' documents directly," she says. "I work with paralegals to scan, digitize, and catalog paper documents. My solutions link to clients' documents without storing them, maintaining their security."

Amanda's systems are making a big impact. "For so long, I felt robbed of everything I worked for, but God promises beauty for ashes. I found a way to recoup what I lost and then some," she says.

To learn more about Amanda's custom database systems, visit http://www.amandanicoleconsulting.com/learnmore

Source: Amanda Nicole Consulting
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