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Should You Decide to Grow a Beard?

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TORONTO - eTradeWire -- Pretty much any reason is a good reason to grow out a thick and handsome beard. However, if you are looking for an excuse, Beauty 'N Fashion has seven of the top reasons you should grow a beard and lock in your choice of growing out your facial hair.

#1 Growing a Beard is Convenient
Shaving takes time and effort, a lot of time and effort. It also takes up a lot of products. Growing a beard saves you time since you won't have to shave daily, and you also won't have to spend money on shaving cream, razors, and aftershave balm. Taking care of a beard is as easy as taking care of the hair on your head, and most barbers will trim and neaten your beard when they cut your hair.

#2 Beards are Manly
If you want to add a certain amount of ruggedness to your look, the best way to go about it is by growing out your facial hair. You can use a beard to cover a weak chin, scars, blemishes and more under a nice fluff of tuft.

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#3 You Want to Look Tough or Smart
For men who want to quickly shed their soft or baby like image, a beard is an easy way to "age up". Most people associate beards with a certain level of masculinity, so growing one out is sure to help bolster your tough-guy image. On the other hand, a shorter or angled beard can give you the image of being an intellectual. Imagine sitting in the coffee shop deep in a book of poems as you stroke your nerdy goatee.

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Be Your Natural Self
There are so many reasons to grow a beard, but they all boil down to one thing – your preference. To get updates on Beauty 'N Fashion's latest blog posts, follow our social media accounts!

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